South korean drama series Exceptional Lawyer Wu It is a legal drama written and directed by Yoon In Shik. Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin), a newly graduated autism lawyer, starts working in a law firm and must fight discrimination due to her different abilities, while also fighting for her clients in the courtroom. She soon befriends fellow celebrity Jun Ho (Kang Tae Oh), who – despite some quirks – treats her kindly and supports her through some of her bad moments.

Advocate Wu’s opinion of this uninspiring genre is unique. While many previous legal dramas have engaged in intense and relentless tests of courtroom rage, this series seeks to shed a burgeoning light on legal problems through the gullible eyes of Young-woo. Exceptional Lawyer Wu He leads a comprehensive scheme that allows Young-woo’s and her clients’ issues to take center stage.

Young-woo emerges as a charismatic and skilled lawyer who quickly wins over the majority of her co-workers. However, there is not a lot of time devoted to personal and professional interactions. However, this benefits the series because it makes more sense for Young-woo, a character who doesn’t socialize in the same way or as much as someone who isn’t autistic. One of the reasons I was addicted to this drama is the chemistry between Park and Kang’s characters. Since the drama focuses on different legal challenges in each episode, we don’t see much romance between Young-woo and Jun-ho.

However, whenever they appear together on screen, they always give us the best of themselves. Jun-ho seems to care deeply about Young-Woo based on his actions and words, and it’s the little things he does for her that make everything so endearing to watch. Kang Ki-young plays Young-woo’s direct boss, while Ha Yoon-kyung and Joo Jong-hyuk play her team members… and professional competitors. All of the supporting actors perform excellently on their parts and contribute to the overall quality of the drama.

I wouldn’t call the show revolutionary in any way, but it’s true. And each episode is fun, with outstanding performances and an exciting plot that promises to develop in new directions during the season. If you are in the courthouse drama scene, I can tell you that you will appreciate this drama. Exceptional Lawyer Wu Available on Netflix every Wednesday and Thursday until the series finale on August 18.

spit: Park Eun Bin, Kang Tae Oh, Ha Yeon Kyung and Jo Jung Hyuk

Director: Yoon In Shake


the acting: 9

plot: 8

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