Designers are scouring the pieces to Etsy to get the fantasy look, with DIY alternatives.

what Do you think when you go to the forest? Among the decaying woods with moss and fungus growing on top of them, where does your imagination come from? Although local fairy folklore has its own version, the Orang Bunian, when we think of fairies, we think of the Winx Club, Tinkerbell, and other cute and friendly winged cartoon characters.

In the past year, the pixie aesthetic has grown exponentially on Tiktok, which has evolved from a mix of cottagecore and goblincore. Fairycore is charming and sinister, and if you’d like to add a little magic to your nature and forest-inspired outfits, here are some Etsy sellers that might be able to fuel your fairytale dream. But if you like it, we also have alternative ideas for you!

fairy wings

Made of magic, wool, wire and organza, these shimmering Tinkerbell fairy wings are a beautiful way to instantly transform you into a fairy! Worn with adjustable elastic straps, these wings are usually comfortable, light and easy to put on. Be sure to look at the measurements when purchasing so you are happy with the sizes and flap away! If you are thinking of making your own wings, use flexible yet strong wire to trace the shape of your fairy wings. Cover the wire with floral tape because it provides a gripping surface for the fabric, allowing it to stick to itself when pulled tightly. Pull the sheer iridescent organza over the wire to create a little tension and cut off excess fabric. Then wrap the raw edges onto the wire and fuse with hot glue. Add straps and you’re done! Jan and Lesley Morritt of Etsy username Fairytrade make gorgeous organza fairy wings, designed to inspire and bring out the true fairy in you.

Pixie bell hat

Bellflowers, also known as bellflowers, are small, bell-shaped flowers that come in shades of blue, purple, pink, or white. For little pixels, they’re wearing a peak hat, and where else would fairies get their hats on besides pretty bell flowers?! On Etsy, bell hats can be made from wool, felt, or crocheted. Woolen hats are usually made using the wet felting technique, which involves making a rectangular fabric made of several layers of wool, using mild soapy water, and sponging or agitating the wool to encourage the fibers to stick together. Leva Deruma or IevaDerFantasyWool makes really beautiful woolen bell flower hats in various colors and shapes on Etsy. She uses roving wool in different colors to give the hat more dimension, and of course a little green (the green part that envelops the flowers) dangled with a flower bud and leaf to match the whimsical twisted piece.

mushroom cap

When it rains, fairies hide under mushroom caps and gills so as not to get their wings wet! To make a mushroom cap (pun intended), you will need a thick base made of cardboard. Cut out a large circle with small fragments of alternating long and short pizza shapes on the cardboard. When you glue the two sides together, this will create a dome-like shape, similar to a mushroom cap. Add papier-mâché filling with PVA glue and shredded paper or bubble wrap. Once you have wrapped strips of cardboard around your head to create a snug hood and hot glued it to the inside of the dome, your pattern is done. Now all that’s left is to gather the white fabric to give the look of the gills and hot glue the outside of the hood to the inside of the dome to give the mushroom gills a realistic look and place the red fabric over it to get a distinctive look. The color of the chanterelle mushroom is bright red. Sew small pieces of white fabric or beads to the white spots of the mushroom and add some lace trim around the cap and between the gills to add more dimension. Rather than selling actual mushroom hats because they may be too big to ship, Helen McGuide, OfTheFforest sells different patterns and tutorials that you can follow to make your own mushroom hat!

Solid dresses

Being a native of goblins and kotagicore, the fairy also possesses elements of goblin snagging. For the rugged woodland fairy look, there are ruffled dresses and skirts, but you can also make your own mini dress! You can start from a thrift store or your old clothes from your closet. Start by collecting cotton or materials that can be easily dyed white or light. If you are not thinking about dyeing, then at least get fabrics of similar colors. That way, when you put them together, they’ll look cohesive. You can use beige for a light fairy look or use green for a Tinkerbell look. You will also need a coupon to get started as a rule. After you have collected enough lace fabric, you can cut it into strips. Instead of having clean cuts, leaving the edges frayed gives them a more rugged appearance. Once all the pieces are assembled, you can start sewing them onto the base dress. On the bodice, you can add decorative stitches to bring it all together. Pia K, owner of RAWRAGS by PK on Etsy, creates beautiful boho wedding dresses made from all kinds of materials and textures. Edyta of BabaYaga Fashion from Manchester, UK also makes similar miniskirts from recycled clothing.

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