Fibrous wound care: Fibroheal gets follow-on investment from Karnataka VC Fund

Fibroheal Woundcare, a Bengaluru-based biotechnology startup that has successfully commercialized silk protein-based wound management solutions for acute, chronic, trauma and postoperative wounds, has received additional funding from the Government of Karnataka Enterprise Fund.

Kitven has invested Rs 2.25 crore in the follow-up round after a similar investment in the first round as well, Venture Fund CEO AR Jayakumar told ET.

He added that the company will use the fund to enhance its delivery capabilities, and increase its manufacturing capacity to respond to the increase in market demand.

The company has a range of products including adhesive, powder, particle, foam, gel, spray, port closure dressings, etc. The venture started four years ago and is run by entrepreneurs Vivek Mishra, Bharat Tandon, and Surpamanian with a focus on comprehensive, research-based wound management products.

The company was one of the winners of Elevate-100, the leading 2PoC program in Karnataka, which is managed by the IT/BT department.

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