FIFA World Cup Qatar: Beer stands moved into stadiums days before kick-off

the main points
  • Budweiser-branded beer stalls have been moved to lesser-known locations outside the World Cup stadiums.
  • The change was reportedly made at the last minute at the request of the Qatari royal family.
  • Qatar has had to relax some of its alcohol laws to allow the public to drink in certain areas.
Budweiser-branded beer stands have been moved to lesser-known locations in eight stadiums days before this year’s soccer World Cup opens in Qatar.
The change was reportedly made at the last minute at the request of the Qatari royal family, according to the New York Times. The apparent presence of alcohol outside stadiums appears to have raised concerns that it could disturb citizens and create a potential security problem.
A statement from the owners of Belgium-based beer company AB InBev appeared to confirm the move. Apparently they were only told the change on Saturday, eight days ago On Sunday 20 November.

“AB InBev was notified on November 12 and is working with FIFA to move franchise outlets to locations as directed,” a statement provided to the AP on Monday.

“We are working with FIFA to provide the best possible experience for fans.”
The The organizing committee has been contacted for comment.
One of the complications of holding the event in Qatar centered around it something that has become an integral part of the experience for many football fans.
Qatar had to relax some of its strict rules around drinking in public in order to meet the needs of fans and accommodate Budweiser’s $75 million sponsorship deal with the event.
Qatar’s hosting of the event has been controversial from the start, with some FIFA officials accused of offering bribes to award the country the World Cup. There was also concern about reports And the .

What are the rules for alcohol in Qatar?

Qatar is an Islamic country, and while alcohol is not prohibited, drinking alcohol in public is considered a crime.

Alcohol is only available to people over the age of 21 in licensed restaurants and bars. Expats living in Qatar can also purchase alcohol using the permit system.

Relaxed rules for World Cup fans

Fans will only be able to purchase non-alcoholic beverages inside the stadium bowl, but will be allowed to purchase alcohol within the stadium perimeter in the three hours before kick-off and one hour after the final whistle. No alcohol will be served during matches.
Alcohol may also be available at other locations including the FIFA Fan Fest after 6:30 pm.

Drinking alcohol outside the designated areas is prohibited and fans have also been warned not to bring alcohol from their home countries as it may be confiscated once they arrive in Qatar.

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