Movies Chefs have been around every few years or so since the turn of the millennium, the frequency seeming to be encouraged by the seemingly endless stream of celebrity chef and food content on TV networks.

It makes sense why. Food, delicious in the mouth, is absolutely delicacy when photographed and photographed with expensive cameras, from preparation to cooking, presentation and finally consumption.

show like Hell’s Kitchen Run the kitchen’s stressful life for viewer ratings, super dramas, and the viral factor. But films about chefs rarely show, or even touch upon, the impact that the excruciating demands of being a chef of the highest standard and the pressure of the “constant push for innovation and food standards” have on their mental health.

That has changed recently. For example, in the movie Comfort, Feeling Happy chefJon Favreau plays a chef who has a breakdown due to the stress of his boss and food critic. Then he quits his restaurant job and starts a food truck.

But what if, instead of starting a food truck, Favreau’s character went crazy instead?

you welcome in food menu.

Well equipped kitchen

The film opens with Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Tyler (Nicholas Hoult) on a ship with a group of wealthy individuals towards a remote island that is home to the exclusive Hawthorne Restaurant, run by head chef Julian Slowik (Ralph Fiennes) and his team of elite kitchen staff.

Margot, Tyler and the other guests have paid something in the order of thousands of dollars per person to try Slowwick’s new molecular gastronomy menu.

They soon find that their purpose on the island is more than food.

Written by comedians Adam McKay and Will Ferrell, food menu is a comically pointed take on all the blatant jokes that poke fun at “foodies”, the restaurant industry, the cult of celebrity chefs, and pretentious food culture as a whole.

Even cute jokes are very good. At one point, one of the chefs said to Margot, “We like to know everyone who dines with us.”

The utterance of “dinner” by the actor is deliberately misrepresented to sound like he is saying “die”.

Although the cast is large, the movie is mostly carried on the backs of Phineas and Taylor-Joy.

Fiennes is, as always, a perfect fit for the role of Slowik written by McKay and Ferrell.

Fearsome, commanding, and sympathetic, his portrayal of a frustrated and disillusioned celebrity chef draws parallels to Lord Voldemort’s eras. Harry Potter Movies and as a serial killer in red dragon.

On the other hand, Taylor-Joy’s Margot is a symbol of the belly of the service work industry. The lowest role in the hierarchy, but is strengthened by it, the role is appropriate for an actress known for playing characters who appear to be damsels in distress, but, in fact, are not.

Lacking the added touches

If “black comedy horror” food menu Its shortcomings are that the film does not go deep enough with its social commentary. The movie relies on the performances of the charismatic characters and the rest of the cast to tell its story and themes, because the writing simply isn’t there.

food menu He also fails to fully commit to the horror of being trapped on an island with a kitchen crew bent on harming their captives.

The movie is rated R in America, but only three cases have extreme violence, and in most cases food menudirector Marc Millhaud lets the violence simmer, not simmering like it should.

If it is likened to a cooked steak, food menu It can be considered a good deed; Delicious for the most part on the outside, but as you dig deeper inside, you’ll realize it could have been a lot juicier and rawer if it had let the blood flow.

food menu It will be in cinemas on November 17th.

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