Foodpanda is committed to helping MSMEs grow

Online fast commerce platform Foodpanda has pledged to continue supporting Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (MSMEs) that are the backbone of the Philippine economy.

As digital technologies are here to stay amid the ensuing health crisis, companies across industries, especially MSMEs, must know how to adapt them to survive, according to Foodpanda Philippines Managing Director Daniel Maruji.

“This is where we can come in and help,” he said of their commitment during the recent MSME meeting organized by advocacy organization GO Negosyo.

This is a huge help for the small and medium enterprise community which includes more than 99 percent of businesses registered nationally and accounts for the majority of local jobs at 63 percent.

“At Foodpanda, a large segment of our vendors and merchants includes up-and-coming, high-potential eateries, local mom-and-pop stores, and online businesses from home and our goal is to strengthen our partnerships with them and turn that potential into a reality.” “By using online channels, we create additional revenue and revenue streams for them.”

“By joining a digital platform like Foodpanda, entrepreneurs with little capital will have an affordable but competitive alternative to starting their businesses because they can’t think too much about the cost of rent, utilities, and other traditional business expenses.”

Marogy said stores and restaurants that want to expand can have a physical presence and an online footprint through the Foodpanda platform.

As a platform, he emphasized their pivotal role in bringing together and connecting many local restaurants, consumers and delivery partners in the country.

Echoing the call of many digital platform service leaders for MSMEs to move to digital channels, Maruji said they should be nearly as present as their consumers are at the moment.

“These small local businesses can take advantage of existing digital platforms like us to build an online presence. As an essential platform for express commerce and a digital enabler for sellers nationwide, we are here to help scale your business so that together we can thrive and succeed.”

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