Forbes, New South Wales: Floods devastate central New South Wales towns

Winter-like conditions lashed New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, bringing strong winds and even hail to add to the misery, with more cold weather on the way.

Sydney was subjected to a barrage of hail, with some claiming that the block of ice made Sydney look like an ice rink or snowfield.

The hail dump centered on the western part of Sydney, where residents in Marrickville and Stanmore shared images of the short, sharp blast of severe weather.

Southeast Australia is in the grip of cold weather bringing icy conditions, according to Sky News meteorologist Rob Sharp.

“For Sydney and along the NSW coast this afternoon peak, with showers and possibly a few thunderstorms in the mix, as well as the potential for a severe storm on the NSW north coast this afternoon,” said Mr Sharp. .

Canberra also experienced wintry-like conditions, which is unusual for the month of November, with some residents convinced it snowed across the city today.

The snow-ice-like phenomenon was actually something called a grubel, “a very close cousin of snow,” according to Weatherzone.

“Graupel is a type of hail that falls in the form of small pellets” caused by supercooled water droplets in the atmosphere that freeze onto ice crystals suspended in the air,” said one representative.

Graupel is often confused with snow, because it’s softer than regular hail, but Weatherzone says they’re not the same thing.

“Graupel is snow and snow is snow,” Weatherzone said.

Sydneysiders will get a little break from the cold weather, with another blast of icy temperatures on the way.

“There are indications of another hail change coming, particularly during the cooler southwest on Friday and Saturday, which will materialize in the southeast on Sunday and especially on Monday; that’s the next peak of hail there,” Mr. Sharp said.

“It will also be windy and there may be some severe weather warnings in the mix.

“It will feel much colder than the mercury would suggest, so definitely don’t put away the winter fleece just yet.”

The winter-like conditions are a far cry from the worst weather affecting New South Wales, with towns in the west-central state currently experiencing floods that have left a ” trail of carnage” in their wake.

Flooding is still at its worst in NSW’s midwest, particularly around the Forbes and Lachlan Rivers, according to Sharpe.

“It was sitting at 10.67m, the same peak we saw two weeks ago; Sky News meteorologist Rob Sharpe said:

High river levels are expected to peak at the end of the week, with warnings that they could reach the record high of 10.8m set in 1952.

Neighboring Yogura was hit by floodwaters that residents said were “like a tsunami”, ripping homes off their foundations.

“It was basically a small tsunami of water, but it had a lot of power,” resident Don Taylor told the Today programme.

“By the time I was able to get a chrysanthemum, the water was up to my thighs.”

Originally published as ‘Trail of carnage’: Wet weather ravages NSW as hail hits Sydney

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