Fortune Life MOA Toners with GMADII

Fortune Life Insurance Company, Inc. (Fortune Life) represented by Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Emma M. Abad, and Guardians Magistrate Advocators for Democracy International Inc. (GMADII) led by the founding mother, Dr. Estela G.Pulacan signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on insurance protection for GMADII members on August 8, 2022 in Okada Manila, ParaƱaque City. The co-signers of the MOA of GMADII are the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Usec. Alfred Bian came. Eugene El Faris, Legal Counsel. GMADI has over five (5) million members of various classes. The Ministry of Agriculture provides one-year group insurance coverage of 50,000 pesos against accidents and 5,000 Egyptian pounds against death due to natural cause for GMADI members.

Photo displays (from right) Fortune Life Branch and Agency Managers Ulysses and Leticia Elmundo, Branch Sales Assistant Irlinda Diaz, Sales and Related Contracts Division of FVP Group (GSRCD) Virgilio Aquino, DILG Usec. Alfred Bian, Executive Vice President of Operations at Fortune Life Emma Abad, GMADII Founding Parent Dr. Estella Polacan, AVP-Corporate Communications Division Floreda Constantino, Executive Assistant to OE VP-COO Michelle Benzonan, and AVP-GSRCD Carlos Frederic Lago.

Part of the program was to introduce the new elite members of GMADII who led the DILG Usec swearing-in ceremony. statement. Fortune Life Branch Manager Ulysses Elmundo appreciated being part of the elite members of the organization and introduced the importance of life insurance. Elite members undertake insurance coverage for the rest of the GMADI members. Fortune Life congratulates GMADII on its successful projects in community assistance and the continued growth of the organization through its new members. The company looks forward to a fruitful and long-term partnership with GMADII as the new principal policyholder.

Image credits: Bernard Testa

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