Gal Gadot and Rachel Ziegler talk about shooting Snow White

in At the D23 fair last Friday, Walt Disney was recognized as 1937 snow white You will get a live reproduction.

The actors said that the upcoming musical fantasy movie, Gal Gadot and Rachel Ziegler People about how to work together.

The amazing woman Playing the Evil Queen, the star said she wants to make sure she keeps her character “cheerful and delicious.”

Gadot added, “For me, it was making sure the Queen isn’t evil just for the sake of being evil. There’s a complexity. Between the two characters, it feels like a mother-daughter relationship in a weird way. That’s what happens to a woman when she feels like she’s no longer relevant, what who can get out of it.”

While the evil queen’s appearance has yet to be revealed, Gadot teases that she managed to scare others on set when she was donning her “heavy as hell” costume.

“Yes. It’s quite scary,” he agrees West side story Hack, who plays Snow White.

“Just to be able to be that character and feel what other people are feeling,” Gadot explains. “I usually get people talking to me, open and relaxed. With this, I really felt that people were afraid of me.”

Gadot said it was “fun” to play a villain from a fairy tale and “get bigger, be more theatrical, talk through your body, do all these things.”

“We danced a lot,” Ziegler recalls. During the breaks, the co-stars sang and danced fat tunes together.

Gadot added, “We laughed a lot… It was a really cool, community-type atmosphere on set. When you have such good harmony with everyone, it really shows on screen.”

snow white It is scheduled to hit theaters in 2024.

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