Gaming NFTs Designed by the artist: Amano Special NFTs

GensoKishi Online has announced the launch of an all-new NFT collection called “Amano Special NFTs”. The new collection includes 11,000 unique NFTs, all designed by famous Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano.

The new NFT collection is accessible through the GensoKishi Online metaverse, which in turn arrives as a minor version of the Nintendo Switch and PS4 game “Elemental Knights”. Within the GensoKishi metaverse, Amano NFTs serve as specific pieces of equipment that can be used to improve players’ strength and other abilities. In total, Amano created 11 different types of equipment, each with its own characteristics.

For those interested, the Amano Special NFTs will be launched in two phases, one taking place in early September and the other at the end of September.

Image Credit: GensoKishi

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