Genesis GV60 electric car review

Genesis hopes the first of three new electric cars due to be introduced within weeks will provide an incentive to shortlist the nascent brand for luxury car buyers.

The GV60 is the smallest of the new trio, although it’s the only one built from the ground up as an electric car (both the GV70 and Electrified G80 use gasoline chassis modified to take the electric components).

It rides on the same platform as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 but adds new styling and more premium equipment—and arrives at an associated premium price.

Smaller of these two, the GV60 is officially a compact SUV, though its slip in the back seat confirms it’s one of the most spacious compact SUVs on the market. A flat floor means plenty of legroom that partially compensates for the modest knee and headroom.

There’s even a massive mesh stowage compartment under the center console, with rear vents descending into the center roof pillars.

The trunk has a split foldable floor to provide easier access to the storage space below. There is also a small box under the hood.

Traditional luxury mostly extends to the leather seats, with mottled silver trim and other bright accents complementing different interior colors for a bolder, modern look.

The “crystal ball” that retracts like an eyeball to reveal the drive selector is an artistic touch that gives a nod to the GV60’s contemporary look.

Door mirrors have been replaced by cameras, with screens installed on each door providing a wide field of view that represents the changing light and needs no adjustment.

Two 12.3-inch displays take care of the instrument cluster and infotainment functions while the head-up display displays key data in the driver’s field of view.

It’s part of an extensive equipment package that includes heated and ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel, sunroof, fingerprint recognition, smart key entry and wireless phone charging (you need to connect it to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto connectivity). There is a suite of active safety equipment, including blind spot warning, automatic braking, rear cross traffic alert and exit warning.

There’s also five years of service included in the starting price of about $115,000, and owners are offered a choice of a home-mounted charger or five years of charging at Chargefox outlets.

There is no remote connection via a smartphone app, but it’s a rare omission.

There are two GV60s to choose from, and each has two electric motors.

The regular AWD model generates 234 kW and 605 Nm, which is plenty for spirited driving with responsive cock-and-catch, as the 20-inch tires provide ample traction and steady cornering.

Step up to the $121,000 four-wheel drive performance level, there are 21-inch wheels, various trim changes plus a larger front engine and Boost button that raises peak outputs to 360 kW and 700 Nm for 10-second bursts, resulting in Also to sharpen the sometimes dull throttle.

The reason why the extra 40kW/95Nm isn’t available through the throttle is a puzzle that probably boils down to the marketing department; It’s a more sophisticated way to take advantage of power than it has to be.

Either way, it’s very fast.

Performance also uses the front cam to prep the adjustable dampers for big bumps. But the lower rubber means you’ll feel sharper edges, with the GV60 focusing more on sharp dynamics than on smoothness.

There’s plenty of driver tuning beyond the usual steering feel and suspension stability; You can also adjust brake sensitivity and request synthetic engine sounds, including sounds that mimic a gasoline engine.

Each model also has an Eco mode that separates the front motor, in turn limiting peaks to 160 kW / 350 Nm and lowering power consumption, which is claimed at 18.8 kWh / 100 kWh in all-wheel drive and 19.1 kWh in all-wheel drive. for performance. The range of WLTP is 470 km and 466 km, respectively.

Genesis claims the GV60 will charge up to 350 kW – but it doesn’t. It tops out at around 240 kW, making it one of the fastest charging electric vehicles currently available. On the fastest DC chargers, you’ll add about 300km of range in under 18 minutes.

The AC can be charged up to 10.5 kW, which means a full charge in about eight hours (or 35 hours with a normal PowerPoint).

The GV60 is Genesis’s first compelling EV effort, albeit at a price premium and limited supplies (about 150 for this year) which means it will be a niche vehicle.

There are obvious comparisons to its flagships, but versus the luxury brands, it brings the benefits of being designed from the start as an EV, albeit with the occasional evasiveness of its functionality.


Packed with gear and at an affordable price, the GV60 is a fast, smooth-driving electric vehicle that benefits from being built on a custom electric vehicle architecture.

four stars

Genesis GV60 4WD

price From about $115,000 by car

Warranty / Service 5 years / unlimited km, free for 5 years / 75,000 km

power/torque 234kW/605Nm

safety 8 Airbags, Independent Emergency Brake with Pedestrian & Cyclist Detection and Delivery Assistant, Lane Keeping Assist, 360° Camera, Driver Display, Exit Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Rear Passenger Warning

Battery / Scope 77.4 kWh / 470 km

additional repair kit

long shoes 432 liters plus 20 liters under the hood

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