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My mother passed away at the age of 99. She had her wits to the end. Not everyone loses their mind. Henry Kissinger, I consider the best geopolitical analyst in history. That guy in the Biden administration, the real president who writes the scripts, only cares about climate change and the Great Reset. They pushed sanctions against Russia, which divided the world and wiped out the global economy. They are already preparing ways for us to eat insects. cricket powder It began to appear in the food supply.

Meanwhile, there is absolutely no evidence that any punishment against a country ever worked. Iran is under sanctions for as long as possible. These idiots are pushing the world into a dangerous geopolitical confrontation that will not end well. We have reached the turning point of 8.6 years since the Ukrainian Revolution of 2014. This does not speak well of what we are facing in 2023. All I can say is that I really hope the Democrats will not allow illegal aliens to vote. I’m afraid this will lead to a serious uprising, and then you will have a real rebellion – not a fake event on January 6th to publicize the November 2022 elections.

¬ęThe UN is trying to blame Putin for the food crisis

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