Gold Coast influencer and bodybuilder Jackson Tibbett opens up on steroid use

A famous bodybuilder and influencer on Instagram opened up in a candid interview about how his steroid use derailed his life.

Jaxon Tippet was arrested with more than 250 steroid pills and vials of testosterone on the Gold Coast in 2017, while police also found him hiding a syringe and needle in his underwear.

The 23-year-old was fined $4,000 by the Southport Magistrates Court, the third time he has appeared in courts in three years.

Tippet, who has over 164,000 followers on Instagram, used this incident as an opportunity to change the course of his life and now shares his experiences openly with others.

On the July episode of the Good Humans podcast, Tippet explained that after not feeling any side effects for the first two years, he started noticing changes to his body.

“I was slowly feeling my health deteriorating in terms of my liver and kidneys,” he said.

“I was very tired.

“My face was yellow. The urine was very dark, almost orange.

“It got to a point where later on the track, like the last year or two, I’d be in a relationship with my ex and couldn’t get an erection.

“You can suffer from things like erectile dysfunction, you can gain weight very easily, mental issues. I suffered from all of that, man.”

Tibbett said his addiction cost him his girlfriend and nearly sent him to prison.

He said, “It was hell, my brother.”

“I lost a girlfriend because of it, and I almost lost my family from her.

“I almost went to prison where I got caught for my personal use of steroids.”

The Gold Coast-based bodybuilder thought he would be sent to prison when he faced the Southport Magistrates’ Court in 2018. He is now actively sharing his story in hopes of inspiring others in a similar situation.

“I went to three separate court sessions; the third time, I was like, ‘This is definitely jail time’ because it’s a Class A drug,” Tibet said.

“But I didn’t go to prison and the reason was because I really believed God was looking at me. He saw some potential in me and he saw a greater person in me.

“It was a sign that I was supposed to do something with my life; not just in prison, not just a steroid addict.

“As soon as I knew the third could have come with jail time and not only that, just how it affected my mom and dad — like, they cry — I hit rock bottom.

“I was like, ‘This, that’s not me,’ and it just escalated.”

Tippet shared a clip from the podcast on his Instagram page and said he hopes others will find his story useful.

He wrote, “I dive deeply into drug abuse in the past, how I overcame it and give some mental and emotional advice along the way.”

“I hope this episode helps someone listen.”

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