GOP governors are moving immigrants to liberal cities. Texas sent them to the cum house

Politicians have been using immigrants as props for decades. Republicans visit the southwestern border and declare immigration out of control. During the Trump administration, Democrats have made their way into detention centers to denounce the treatment of children in cages.

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott took tactics to a new level Thursday, moving about 100 people — including many who said they had fled violence or poverty — to the doorstep of Vice President Kamala Harris. Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, Wednesday night, sent a separate group of immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, a playground for wealthy liberals.

The two buses that Abbott sent to Washington arrived outside the Naval Observatory just after sunrise. Journalists have been on site in front of the humanitarian group leading resettlement efforts here since April, when Abbott and the Republican Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, began sending thousands of immigrants to Washington and other liberal cities.

Amy Fisher, an organizer with the Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network, said she and other volunteers were introduced to the latest arrivals on Twitter. Her group is often mobilized to help buses that arrive early in the morning or late at night at Union Station, a train and bus hub just a few blocks from the US Capitol.

The immigrants were greeted and soon Uber, Lyft, and private volunteer cars drove them to a church the group was using to help people shower, eat, and find out where they planned to settle, whether in Washington or elsewhere. Fisher said her group has helped about 6,200 people so far.

“This entire project is racist propaganda that does not support agency and the human rights of those who arrive seeking safety,” Fisher said.

Washington Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a state of emergency last week to free up $10 million in funds after the Pentagon denied her requests for help from the National Guard.

“We have a system that fails those who arrive in search of safety,” Fisher added. “Instead of meeting the real needs of states, localities, the federal government, and Congress, the game has turned into a political soccer game.”

President Biden asked Harris last year to address the root causes of immigration from Central America. She has been referred to by Republicans as the Biden administration’s “border czar” — a title she has resisted — and conservatives have derided her all week for declaring in an interview with NBC News over the weekend that the border is secure.

Those remarks prompted Abbott to send buses to Harris’ home, on Twitter Thursday.

“VP Harris claims our borders are ‘safe’ and denies crisis,” Abbott Wrote. “We’re sending immigrants into her backyard to demand the Biden administration do its job and secure the border.”

Border agents recorded 1.9 million encounters with migrants between October 2021 and the end of July, an all-time high. This number does not represent individual migrants because many migrants attempt to cross the border – and are arrested – multiple times.

Harris’s office did not immediately respond to an email or text message asking if she had seen the immigrants and how she had reacted to their presence. The issue was not addressed during a speech she gave later this morning at a White House event aimed at combating hate-filled violence.

“This kind of movement has backfired,” Representative Bill Keating, a Massachusetts Democrat who represents Martha’s Vineyard, told WCVB in Boston.

“Humans should not under any circumstances be political baggage,” he said. “That was really frustrating and really disgusting.”

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