Grace Tame Twitter: Why the former Aussie of the year disappeared from social media

The former Australian of the year, Grace Tammy, has disappeared from social media.

On Tuesday, her Instagram and Twitter profiles – both named @Tamepunk – appeared to have been deleted.

The 27-year-old activist and advocate for sexual assault survivors has become an outspoken force on Twitter.

Her absence with a large number was noted by many for fear that trolls had pushed her away from social media.

However, Tame partner Max Heerey told she has “temporarily” deactivated her accounts to focus on an upcoming book tour.

“Grace has paused her social activities momentarily as she is rapidly approaching her book tour,” he said.

“It’s trying to focus on its commitments on that over the coming weeks.”

Originally Posted as Why Grace Tame Has Shut Down Social Media

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