Greta Thunberg encourages protests against the expansion of coal mines in a German village

Activist Greta Thunberg urged people to rally against a planned coal mine expansion that could entail the demolition of a village in western Germany, according to a post on her Instagram page. Climate activists protesting the expansion of the pottery mine since 2020 have erected barricades and huts around the village of L├╝tzerath, Germany. Activist group the Lutzerath Initiative urged people who want to join the event to prepare for the long walk, saying that “it will take one to six weeks to attempt an evacuation.” Despite the protests, the authorities said they continued to evacuate the village of Lutzerat on Friday, January 13. According to news reports, German police said that most of the buildings erected by anti-coal protesters, including treehouses, had been cleared by January 13. Footage posted to Instagram user Timeshotfox Photography shows a tree house being demolished in Lutzerath. Activists said that a person was sitting in a tree house when it was demolished. According to Deutsche Welle, no permanent residents remained in the village of Lutzerath. Credit: Timeshotfox Photography via Storyful

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