How Alexandra Cooper Turned Call Her Daddy Into a Million Dollar Baby

If there is a face to radio, Alexandra Cooper is not.

In her recently-purchased stately home in West Hollywood, the 27-year-old podcaster stands at 5-foot-5 petite with a smile ready from Colgate for the campaign. Every time she laughs, Cooper’s hair–waist length and impossibly platinum– catches the spotlight. With these qualities, along with the Goldendoll from Cooper (Henry) and a 60 million dollars Treated to the biggest audio streaming service on the planet (Spotify), Cooper embodies every inch of the girl you love to hate. The thing is, I love it – and so do its 3 million listeners.

Cooper has long asked us to call her “Daddy,” but only last year did she really win the title. Introduced in 2018 as “Women’s Locker Room Conversation”, the song “Call Her Daddy” was originally It sounded very different – grounded in the fundamentals of fourth-wave feminism and distributed by Bristol Sports, a Furat Bros. favorite. Along the winding road to Spotify – a journey that included an exciting journey, well documented The showdown between Alex Cooper and co-creator Sophia Franklin – “Call Her Daddy” would drop her original motto and another “founding father”… but not the edge. Now, nearly every episode of the show features Cooper with a new guest, whom she shares with one of them: “Tell me about your childhood.”

“People will tell me they miss the old ‘Call Her Daddy,’ but this show was dying,” Cooper said. “We got lower numbers than we ever got. It was like, ‘How often can we talk about sex?’ I was getting a little bored. I need to stimulate my brain with my content.”

When the show first caught fire, Cooper bragged about her first big purchase: a cloud sofa. Convenience, it so happens, is the driving force behind much of Cooper’s decisions—from her tracksuit collection (today, in the 90-degree heat of springtime in Los Angeles, she’s all dressed as “daddy”), to her podcast operation. For years, the Pennsylvania native has been not only recording but talented writers, researching and editing almost alone (a former film student, she even chose the Premiere Pro editing software because it feels “comfortable”). Her publicist describes Cooper as a “one woman operation,” while Spotify claims to be the most “practical” podcast talent on its roster.

“There is an assumption that creating a podcast is easy, but it takes a lot of work. I take it with great pride that my whole life revolves around it,” she explains. “I work every Sunday, I work seven days a week. And I love it. I don’t want to do anything else.”

Fallouts with Franklin, her ex-best friend and business partner, cemented the “Balls to the Wall” host’s motivation. The two girls publicly identified contradictions in their work ethic and vision, as well as conflicting ideas about their “value” – Cooper via a YouTube confessionand franklin on it new podcast, Sophia with F(“Your skills are mean, and my skills are intangible,” she said of Cooper.) The latter continues to tackle the drama, recently claiming that Cooper used “ghostwriter” throughout the podcast.

“[Sofia] I said I couldn’t walk on set and talk about myself,” Cooper recalls. “Immediately I wanted to tell everyone it wasn’t true, but then I just sat down with Miley Cyrus without notes, so I thought, ‘You know? I’m going to let work talk about Himself “.

In “Call Her Daddy’s” The band disintegrated, Cooper emerged as Justin Timberlake – unscathed and ultimately victorious. Cooper, a former Boston University Division I soccer player, was the first to compare her well-publicized Spotify contract with that of a hugely successful professional sportsman. The $20 million annual salary makes Cooper the highest-paid podcaster on Spotify — and second only to Joe Rogan overall. While she realizes that this kind of amount might push others to “back off,” Cooper has no plans to rest on her laurels.

“[Since] I’ve already been through a lot of drama in my career, and I really had odds that people would think I could do it against me,” she explains. “Now, every week It’s like, how am I going to top this? “

“As the show gets bigger and the brand swells, my life has changed,” Cooper explains.

(Max Montgomery)

The show’s growth allowed Cooper to build an all-female team (including, finally, an editor), “the best part” about the money. “My friend, it’s inspiring,” other anchors told her of the multi-million dollar deal. “The woman just got a male contract in the past.”

“To go from the general repercussions on money to this [took some processing]’, she says. ‘I decided to think of it as a really cool win for women. And of course, I’ll pay my friends all the time – surprise them with plane tickets, and pick up the check for every dinner. Otherwise, what’s the point of all this? “

Cooper and I sat down weeks after our first scheduled interview, and her time is now dedicated to acquiring high-profile talent. Debuting on Spotify earlier this year, “Call Her Daddy” debuted a two-part in-app special, featuring Jamie Lynn Spears. During their conversation, Spears read out loud personal messages to Sister Britney, and she burst into tears as Cooper dissected their relationship. Upon the release of the episodes, Britney fans called for a boycott of “Call Her Daddy” due to Jamie Lynn’s apparent silence during #FreeBritney a movement. Britney will too to reply.

“With Jimmy Lynn people, they’d say, ‘It could have been more difficult, when she was shivering and crying,'” Cooper recalls..“What does he say about you, that you hate him and you still watch him?”

After Spears tell-all was a two-part series with Emma Chamberlain, a generation Z supernova audio notation At times, it has even displaced “Call Her Daddy” in the Spotify ratings. Then came Julia Fox. “Uncut Gems” The actress was at the height of her brief relationship with Kanye West when, at Cooper’s request, she embarked on terminating her stint as his “museum”.

“I mean I was inspired by Josh Safdie when he wrote Uncah Jaahms,” she said, uttered in a hybrid novel of New York City, Valley, and Girls.

Overnight, “Uncah Jaahms” I irrevocably entered digital slang. Shay Mitchell and Cara Delevingne mocked the viral clip. Netflix has updated the movie’s name to match Fox’s pronunciation of “yassified.” For those who have never heard of “Call Her Daddy” Before he knows it now.

“I’m very measured about timing. I’m in love with it Many A-list celebrities, but I don’t have them because they won’t talk,” Cooper claims. “J Lo wants to promote her movie, but I’m not an E! News – I want to have real conversations.”

Squatting in front of Cooper in her comfortable seats, assuming the role of the therapist and client feels inevitable. Cooper, the daughter of a psychologist and sports television producer, seemed destined for her position. While her childhood was captured in endless home videos, she was quick to move behind the camera – anticipating a future in content editing. After earning a degree in film and television, she spent her postgraduate days as a print ad sales representative for Gotham magazine, and fiercely applied for production jobs in New York. When “Call Her Daddy” was born, Cooper’s intention was for the show to fund a budding vlogger career at the time.

“I had never heard of a podcast when I first started — I was coming off of what I felt like listening to,” she says. “I’m also a consumer. I’m looking at who’s in everyone’s mouth this week. If they’re interested in it, I’ll be interested in it.”

It probably doesn’t surprise “Daddy Gang” (Cooper’s affectionate term for the disciples of “Call Her Daddy”) that their father is an avid therapy pioneer. Cooper, a master of self-reflection, often relies on her shortcomings to elicit guest vulnerabilities. Several months ago, she gave an interview to the famous “Soho Grifter” Anna Delphi (yes, who – which Anna Delphi) via video call in prison. After repeated evasive responses from the disgraced socialite, Cooper cut short the right to stalk: “Who’s hurting you?” She asked.

“That was the hardest interview I’ve ever had,” she says. “I didn’t go there to get her to admit anything, I just wanted to talk to Anna Delphi. People sit with me because I think they can see that I’m getting into her completely without judgment. … On social media, we cut people short in news headlines. I can make an angle view. 360 for a guest who has only gotten a shot before.”

The host acknowledges the intimate relationship she nurtures with ‘Call Her Daddy’ Guests are often misunderstood. While she is often asked for drinks or dinner, Cooper takes pride in keeping her professional distance. It’s easy to understand why. If Cooper is collaborating with A-listers, ‘Call her dad He may become indebted to them.

“She’s gone to parties – and I’m not – with anyone – but it’s not as glamorous as it seems,” she said. “A lot of these people feel really lonely. They don’t have a lot of real relationships. Whenever I started doing interviews, I realized that it was necessary for me to draw that line. Nobody in L.A. could say they knew me.”

After signing the Spotify deal, Cooper had a “mental breakdown”. I groaned for three weeks during the first episode, “I Glucked My Way to the Top” (a specific reference to oral sex), which marked a new dawn for “Call Her Daddy.” Era was her last truly Revelation ring. After years of digging into her personal life for comedic content, Cooper decided to protect her privacy. She will still mention her boyfriend, the movie producer, regularly on the podcast, but never by name.

“As the show got bigger and the brand got bigger, my life changed,” she explains. “I’m in Hollywood. [My boyfriend and I] Needed to find a line for our relationship – and I respect my listeners a lot because they accomplish in a different way now.”

Cooper takes into account Daddy Gang’s perspective in every guest, every cut. When a female guest attempted to claim responsibility for her sexual harassment, Cooper informally concluded the interview, adding a disclaimer for affected listeners. It’s not uncommon for Cooper to receive photos from fans of “Call Her Daddy” group hearings.

Black and white photo of a woman posing

“I had a great deal that was rolled out to the public, and I think you should expect to see that again in a different way,” Cooper said.

(Max Montgomery)

“With Daddy Gang, I’m like, ‘These guys are my family,’ how do I feed my family?” she says. “I’d better come every week and blow everyone’s socks off.”

Like Cooper herself, “Call Her Daddy” matures; It is often mentioned in a file breath breath As the podcast led by the “Smart-less” actor, who signed an exclusive $60-80 million deal to expand into a full-fledged podcast production company. Cooper similarly envisions “Call Her Daddy” Brand as ‘greater than [her]Self”, with the hope that one day you will step into the role of Executive Producer on a different project.

“You’ve got an incredible deal in public, and I think you should expect to see it again in a different way. What I can say is that it won’t continue the way it’s going. There will be a shift.”

For now, the goal is to create a better work-life balance – although it’s clearly not easy. Every question, no matter how personal, Cooper returns to the podcast. She speaks quickly, as if she is hurrying to show the other person the floor. Sometimes a podcast maker will forget that she is the subject of this interview, turning the conversation into my life. It only seems when Alexandra Cooper feels interesting and only when she is interested. It would be easy to draw parallels between the podcaster and last year’s superhero presenters, who were revered for throwing hard balls in muted colours. Then again, neither Oprah nor Barbara Walters ever had “Uncah Jaahms.”

“Make me look smart,” she laughs as she directs me to her 8-foot-high door.

Cooper not to worry. Like a good father, she’s got it covered.

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