How to delete duplicate photos with iOS 16 from Apple

iOS 16 allows users to delete duplicate photos.

Sophia Pet

Apple’s latest iPhone software update, iOS 16, was released on Monday. If you’re like me and your Photos app is cluttered with duplicate photos, a new Apple software update can help you organize your shots and clean up your library.

Apple’s new Duplicate Detection feature helps you collect all your repeated snapshots. It’s only available on iOS 16, which you can download as long as you have an iPhone 8 or later.

Using this new feature can help you free up wasted storage space. Here is how to delete duplicate photos with iOS 16.

To delete duplicate photos on iOS 16

iOS 16 allows you to delete duplicate photos.

Sophia Pet

  1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Albums at the bottom of your screen.
  3. In Albums, scroll down to the section titled Utilities.
  4. Under the Utilities section, select Duplicates.
  5. You will see duplicate matches and a merge option.
  6. Click Merge to delete duplicate photos.
  7. To browse through duplicates faster, choose Select in the upper right corner to choose multiple images at once. You can even select All to combine all the duplicate photos that iOS 16 detects.

iOS 16 allows you to combine duplicate photos.

Sophia Pet

This is it! After using this function myself, I was able to delete 1,437 duplicate photos, freeing up a lot of storage space and simplifying my Photos app.

Again, this only works if you install the update. You can check by going to Settings > General > About. If you don’t see iOS 16 listed, go to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone.

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