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Order of battle, Izyum region:

Source: MilitaryLand, 9/12.

ISW reports for 9/12:

Ukrainian forces continued to consolidate gains in eastern Kharkiv Oblast on 12 September. The Kharkiv Oblast Special Forces Detachment of the Ukrainian Azov Regiment reported that Ukrainian forces had taken control of the entire northeastern part of Kharkiv Oblast along the Vesel-Vovchansk line.[4] Ukrainian sources confirmed that Ukrainian forces recaptured Dvorchina (100 km east of the city of Kharkiv) and Ternova (30 km northeast of the city of Kharkiv), which indicates the extent of the Ukrainian advance in the northeastern Kharkiv Oblast.[5] The Ukrainian Air Attack Command also claimed that Ukrainian paratroopers had captured Bohorodychne, a small settlement in northwest Donetsk Oblast directly along the southeastern border of Kharkiv Oblast.[6] In addition, geographically located images show that Ukrainian forces have taken full control of Svyatohersk, 3 km east of Bohorodychne.[7]

Russian sources claimed that the front was largely settled at the Uskil River, which runs west of the borders of Kharkiv and Luhansk Oblast.[8] Russian Milbloggers reports that Ukrainian and Russian forces are fighting around the Lyman, but the Lyman is still under the control of Russian forces and proxy forces.[9] Some Russian sources have also expressed concerns that Ukrainian forces are trying to cross the Siverskyi Donets around Zakynthos (about 15 km southeast of Lyman) to retake Yampel.[10] Russian sources seem to focus on the Lyman-Yampel line as the next potential target for Ukrainian advance.

Russian forces failed to consolidate the new front line after Ukrainian gains in eastern Kharkiv Oblast and are actively fleeing the region or redeploying to other axes. Ukrainian sources claimed that all Russian forces had left Svatov, Luhansk Oblast (about 45 kilometers east of present-day Ukrainian positions along the Uskil River), and that militia elements of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) – possibly the local population – were still present in Svatov.[11] Footage on social media shows lines of cars stretching for kilometers near Shastia and Stanisia Luhanska, both of which lie along the border of the long-controlled territory of LNR and close to the Russian border.[12] Russian forces and pro-Russian collaborators will likely face the psychological pressure of rapid Ukrainian gains and seek to extricate themselves from settlements close to the new front line that they see as vulnerable to Ukrainian advances. Reportedly, some proxy forces are already making a redeployment from Kharkiv Oblast to southwest Donetsk Oblast, indicating that the Russian leadership is not prioritizing strengthening weak positions east of the Oskil River.[13]

I think this is a good answer to JohnH’s question on 9/2: “How is that [Ukrainian] The trap works out? “

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