Infant Attacked by Alleged ‘Killer Nurse’ Lucy Letby Recovers After Being Transferred to New Hospital

MANCHESTER, England — A baby allegedly attacked by nurse Lucy Letby has recovered “in leaps and bounds” after being transferred to a new hospital, a jury has been told.

Prosecutors accuse Letby of the double murder of the baby, known as Baby H, in the neonatal unit of the Countess of Chester’s Hospital.

The 32-year-old is on trial in the UK for the murder of seven children and the attempted murder of 10 others between June 2015 and June 2016.

A jury at Manchester Crown Court heard how Baby H, who has not been named for legal reasons, suffered two breakdowns in the neonatal unit, one on September 26, 2015, and the other the next day.

Doctors can’t think of a natural cause for the child’s vomiting that nurse Lucy Letby allegedly overpowered

Neonatal nurse Lucy Letby, 32, allegedly killed seven babies and tried to kill 10 more.
(credit: SWNS)

She was initially described as “fine” after giving birth six weeks early.

But Baby H’s mother remembered how the nurses woke her up in the early hours and rushed into her room in the maternity unit and told her to come immediately to the neonatal unit.

She and her husband were devastated when paramedics told them their daughter had been put on a ventilator after suffering a collapsed lung.

In a written statement, Baby H’s mother said, “They have made it clear that their number one priority is that they have to take care of H.

“We accepted it but said what a shock it was to arrive and find her on a ventilator.”

When she arrived at the neonatal unit, the mother could see the staff resuscitating baby H, and she was asked to “sit with her and hold her hand”.

Countess of Chester Hospital 4 November 2022.

Countess of Chester Hospital 4 November 2022.
(Charlie Purphy/Splash News for Fox News Digital)

Her husband said his daughter was “of a very strange colour” and “very mottled”.

The staff were able to resuscitate Baby H but could not explain why she had a sudden heart failure, the jury was told, and a counselor told her parents he “could not guarantee” she would make it through the night.

Baby H’s parents stayed by her sitter that day before falling asleep in an adjoining room.

Newborn’s mother allegedly murdered by ‘nurse killer’ Lucy Letty heard ‘terrible screams’ of babies

Although Baby H has settled down, they receive a knock on the door shortly after they go to bed. The staff advised them to return to the neonatal unit.

The mother said they were “met with an almost identical scene” as paramedics worked to save their daughter.

Court sketch showing Lucy Letby at Warrington Magistrates Court via video link 12 November 2020.

Court sketch showing Lucy Letby at Warrington Magistrates Court via video link 12 November 2020.

Child H recovered for the second time and was transferred to another hospital where tests were carried out to find out the cause of the two collapses.

From that moment on, the jury heard, she improved greatly.

Baby H was “more responsive and came by leaps and bounds,” her father said.

She was well enough to return to the Countess of Chester’s Hospital two days later and was eventually discharged.

The jury was told that 7-year-old H had not had any problems or long-term health problems.

The video shows a room in the neonatal unit where baby Lucy Letby was allegedly killed

Letby’s attorney, Benjamin Myers, told the jury that Child H’s unexplained meltdowns were the result of “suboptimal care” at the hospital and had nothing to do with the defendant.

A police officer leaves Lucy Letby's home in Chester, England, July 3, 2018, after she was arrested on suspicion of murder or attempted infanticide.

A police officer leaves Lucy Letby’s home in Chester, England, July 3, 2018, after she was arrested on suspicion of murder or attempted infanticide.
(Anthony Devlin/Getty Images)

It is alleged that the introduction of chest drainage after Baby H’s lung collapsed may have contributed to the cardiac arrest.

Consultant pediatrician Dr Ravi Jayaram, who performed the operation, dismissed claims that he placed the drain in the “wrong place” causing “danger” internally.

But Myers noted that Baby H, who needed three shots of adrenaline while paramedics struggled for 20 minutes to resuscitate her, received three chest drains, which was “unusual” for a child.

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He added that the drain inserted by Dr Jayaram was placed in a “suboptimal” position and had to be inserted into the fifth intercostal space, which is located around the armpit area. The trial continues.

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