Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Lautner

After, after several days of rumors, twilight Superstar Taylor Lautner has confirmed that he has tied the knot with his fiancée, Taylor Dome.

The couple reportedly exchanged vows on Nov. 11 at Epoch Estate Wines, outside Paso Robles, California, on the first anniversary of their engagement. They met when Lautner, 30, was on hiatus from acting several years ago.

And he admitted that Dom, 25, knew who he was long before they were introduced. said Lautner The Kelly Clarkson Show This year dom was a fan of twilight The movies that catapulted him to stardom in 2008.

he said in January People Magazine: “I wanted to take a step back and enjoy life and spend time with my family and friends.

“My sister McKenna actually introduced us. She called me and said, Dude, you found your future wife. You need to meet this girl. The rest is history.”

In a funny video posted to her Instagram in June 2022, Dom confesses that she once teamed Edward on Jacob’s team during twilightclimax.

Going in the direction of “show your childhood crush and then who you’re over with,” the video began with photos of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, before cutting to photos of Lautner, who played Edward’s rival, Jacob Black.

Dom captioned the post, with Lautner captioning: “I think it’s time I came clean.”

While fans flooded their social media accounts to congratulate them on their wedding, there was some amusement once it was realized that Dome would be taking the name Lautner as his wife, meaning she would also be known as “Taylor Lautner.”

It’s an unusual situation, sure, but it’s also pretty sweet. We wish the happy couple all the best for their future.

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