iPhone 14 opens for pre-orders in South Africa – Pricing

iStore has announced that pre-orders for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro range are open in South Africa starting Friday (September 16).

Online pre-orders start at R20,599 for a 128GB iPhone 14, and up to R41,499 for a 1TB iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iStore said a trade-in program will also be available to help upgrade to the new iPhone. Through the trade-in program, customers can own an iPhone 14 Pro for as little as R7,699 when trading in their old iPhone. This depends on the device being traded, however.

iPhone 14 pre-orders under contract are now also open via Vodacom, MTN or Telkom.

Apple unveiled the new iPhone earlier in September. The new phone retains the general look of the older version with camera improvements, a much-anticipated satellite messaging feature, and a new interface called Dynamic Island on high-end models.

The bulk of iPhone upgrades come to the top Pro line. These devices will get a 48MP camera and a screen that is able to always stay on in low power mode, similar to recent versions of the Apple Watch.

This will allow new phones to show widgets with bits of information – weather, calendar appointments, and stock tickers, for example – while the rest of the screen remains closed.

Apple has redesigned the notch at the top of the screen, essentially turning it into a new interface called Dynamic Island. Pro devices will also get the new, faster A16 processor, while the Standard line will run a modestly sized version of the current A15. Apple describes the A16 chip as the fastest chip in a smartphone, and 40% faster than competitors.

Apple Watch

The group also opened pre-orders for other products, such as the Apple Watch, starting at R5,999 for the SE and going up to R17,999 for the Series 8 in stainless steel.

Apple Watches for customers who pre-order online will be delivered to their door on September 23, 2022.

As with the iPhone, customers can trade in their current Apple Watch and get a direct discount of up to R5200, against the purchase of a new Apple Watch, iStore said.

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