Italy elections: the final rallies held as the election campaign draws to a close

Italian parties held their last rallies on Friday ahead of a snap general election on Sunday that the right-wing bloc led by Giorgia Meloni is expected to win.

Three of the centre-left, populist and centre-left groups held their closing meetings in various arenas across Rome, underscoring their failure to craft a unified electoral charter – a decision that greatly benefited the conservative coalition.

Friday was the last day political candidates could make their final push to harness the vote, as Saturday marked the beginning of a period of electoral silence.

At a Democratic Party rally in Rome’s massive Piazza del Popolo, leader Enrico Letta gave a speech shortly after the Bella Chiao orchestra played – the Italian resistance anthem of World War II much-sickened by the right.

“We have chosen to defend the Italian constitution,” he declared in front of a crowded square. “Our region is an Italy full of hope, that looks to the future – very different from that of the right, of an Italy of fear.”

Back in the day, Piazza del Popolo was the right-hand block gathering place. Italian Fraternity leader Meloni gave her final campaign speech in Naples on Friday.

A certain degree of controversy over the right-wing coalition has been raised in recent times. Matteo Salvini himself staged a short protest in front of the European Commission headquarters in Rome on Friday, after Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s comments on how the EU should deal with Italy, things were heading in a “difficult direction”.

Moreover, comments made on Thursday by former prime minister and right-wing candidate Silvio Berlusconi caused an uproar, calling the Ukraine war a “special operation” and claiming that Putin had “paid” for the invasion of the neighboring country.

Among the other two political forces that ended their rallies on Friday were the centrist bloc – made up of liberal breakaway parties from the pro-European Democratic Party – and the Five Star Movement, which is trying to win votes in poorer southern Italy by promoting the welfare initiative. for the unemployed.

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