Ithaca High School receives a new National Stadium from a private donor

ITHACA, Michigan. (WNEM) – The local high school sports field is getting a facelift with big plans to make it a massive memorial to veterans and first responders.

Over the past ten years, Ithaca football has been one of Michigan’s most dominant programs, appearing in seven Division Six games and five state titles. This summer, thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, the program now has new state-of-the-art industrial land.

“Last year we had muddy games. So this summer there are going to be holes and things on the field and with a new surface like this, you don’t have to worry about that at all,” said Bronson Bob, senior quarterback and defensive back.

The original Ithaca turf field lawn was installed in 1975 with only minor upgrades over the past few decades. Jordan Hesbroek, the head football coach, said the school was too late to set up a new district. Heavy rain sometimes makes the stadium unplayable, so the team had to reschedule home games and play them at off-site locations.

“If you go through the years, you can see that a lot of our games were really a safety concern due to the playing conditions. That’s a loss of advantage to our local arena, plus the loss of our franchise platforms, the loss of our gate, plus the payment to move our game to another facility,” Hesbroek said. with rental fees.

The new lawn is only part of the grand plan for this facility. It will become a tremendous patriotic honor for those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

The donor, who wants to remain anonymous, said that by next fall there will be large monuments and plaques being built around the field honoring the 22,000 Michigan veterans and first responders who have given their lives in freedom struggles since 1900.

The donor said there will also be Veteran Memorial Scholarships for each of the six Gratiot County public high schools. They said the entire national remembrance project is underway not just for Ithaca, but for the county and state of Michigan.

Players say they support it 100%.

“I thought it was a really cool thing because the military has given so much to us and our veterans are so important to us. We’ve done some military things before, like little tribute nights. But now, she’s always here,” said Geoffrey Lombard, a prominent offensive and defensive man. It’s great to have it.”

The opening game of the Ithaca season will be on the new stadium on August 26th against Homer.

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