It’s a matter of trust

Suspension: Marty. I really don’t think people are giving you enough credit when they are all pretending they called it correctly just a couple of months ago. I was at WEC 2011 in Philadelphia. A friend bought the ticket and pulled me there. I must say, apart from your predictions that war would break out in 2014 which coincided with Ukraine, the main theme was that everything depended on trust in the government. The more you watch in horror how all our countries are collapsing so quickly, the more you will understand with your research.

I bow my head to you. I hope everyone will stop and confess to you once you are such a great source of information.


Reply: Thank you. But as they say, I must die first before anyone truly admits this work. It was the fact that I bought my first Roman coin for $10 when I was about 13, and I was amazed that one could even collect ancient coins. That really opened a door to research that I didn’t know was possible.

The date of the coin is confirmed. Imperial Rome pretended that the emperor still elects a consul each year as if the republic still existed. Just as we think we live in a democracy but know that the president can issue an executive order that is never presented to Congress, and no less submitted to the people for a vote. In this sense, we still live in a dictatorship, just like the Romans. However, this allows Roman coins to be dated by each year they are struck.

Then, I realized that the coin would answer a question vital to being a merchant – how did Rome fall? Was it like a 747 coming to land? Or was she in some kind of panic meltdown? It turned out to be the last.

I know about There is no other way Could this question have been answered and how? very important This is our current events.

To everyone’s surprise, other than traders, bull markets are long-lived, but bear markets make 90% of the decline in just two to three years. You are witnessing history. The United States is being decimated quickly, and unfortunately, even a 100% Republican victory in November will not stop the decline. It would just be a short term bounce of confidence. What takes centuries to build is disappearing from history faster.

Secret orders that illegally target people’s emails, text messages, and phone calls

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