Janelle Monáe wins SeeHer Award

During Singer and actress Janelle Monáe took home the Critics Choice Awards yesterday with the #SeeHer Award, which honors people who stand up for gender equality, defy stereotypes, portray characters with authenticity, and push boundaries in the industry.

During their talk at the award ceremony, Monáe — who isn’t bi — reflected on their journey with identity, and thanked everyone who saw their talent, allowing them to defy all odds and become the actor they are today.

Speaking of the people who supported them, Mona said, “They didn’t abandon me and they gave me a chance despite my lack of confidence. So anyone like me running their affairs now, I just want you to know I saw you, but I challenge you to see you.”

Of all the roles they’ve chosen to portray, including NASA aerospace engineer Mary Jackson Hidden characters and feminist icon and activist Dorothy Bateman Hughes in gloriesMonáe described them as “deeply personal choices” due to their own life experiences, from growing up with working-class parents to coming out as non-binary.

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