Japanese prosecutors charge a man with premeditated murder in Abe’s assassination

Japanese prosecutors on Friday indicted the man accused of killing former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on charges of murder and violating gun control laws, local media said.

Tetsuya Yamagami was arrested immediately after the former Japanese prime minister was shot dead last July while he was giving a campaign speech in the western city of Nara.

Abby’s last moments

The spectators at the event were able to approach him fairly easily.

Footage broadcast by NHK showed him standing on stage when a loud explosion was heard and smoke was visible in the air.

Yamagami is then seen straddling the floor by security.

“He was giving a speech, and a man came from behind,” a young woman at the scene told NHK at the time.

“The first shot sounded like a toy. It didn’t fall, and there was a big explosion. The second shot was much clearer; you could see the spark and the smoke.”

“After the second shot, people surrounded him and gave him a heart massage.”

My father, 67, collapsed and was bleeding from his neck.

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And my father is buried

Japanese and foreign dignitaries paid tribute to the assassinated former prime minister at a state funeral last September that drew mourners and demonstrators to central Tokyo.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida called the former leader a “brave person” in a eulogy, listing his accomplishments, including efforts to strengthen diplomatic relations with Japan.

“I feel so sad,” Kishida said, facing a portrait of Abe hanging above the huge floral structure used to display his ashes, his medals and the Japanese flag.

His widow, Aki, carried the ornate ash-box to Tokyo’s Budokan venue, where a 19-gun salute was fired in honor of the slain politician.

Abe was Japan’s longest-serving Prime Minister and one of the country’s most recognizable political figures, known for cultivating international alliances and his “Abenomics” economic strategy.

He resigned in 2020 due to recurring health issues but remained a major political voice and was campaigning for his ruling party when a lone gunman killed him with a homemade weapon on July 8.

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