Jeff Kennett Photoshop claim on Daniel Andrews pic for early voting

Former Liberal Prime Minister Geoff Kennett has accused Daniel Andrews of editing a photo he shared on social media of his family voting ahead of Saturday’s Victorian election.

The prime minister and his wife Catherine, along with their two voting-age children, Noah and Grace, were pictured smiling in front of the polls.

“Like many other Victorians we have a few things going on on Saturdays so we voted early and are on our way,” Andrews wrote on Twitter.

Kennett had been a vocal critic of Andrews and took the opportunity to criticize him one last time before the election.

He accused the prime minister of using Photoshop to edit the exit sign behind his head.

“Look at who sprayed the exit sign when they voted privately and then posted their vote on social media,” Kennett wrote.

And not only did he not have the courage to vote with his constituents, but they rigged the photo. says everything no? Definitely on the way! “

Experts are torn on whether it was actually a Photoshop job or if the photographer’s flash simply bounced off the banner causing it to appear white.

Sky News and Nine reported that a photo of Mr Andrews was taken when he cast his vote early Thursday at a pre-polling venue in the city, and was shared on social media on Friday.

Mr Andrews’ seat is Mulgrave in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, which means he has broken with tradition by not casting his vote on Election Day and to do so out of his own seat.

Opposition Leader Matthew Gay has confirmed he will vote in his seat in Bologne on election day “as you would expect”.

He said, “I’ve voted early before, but with a full array of cameras at a press conference, not kind of in secret.” today.

Two hours after Mr Kennett tweeted the alternate image of the Andrews family vote, he told his followers he would never tweet about the Victorian election again and would accept the result tomorrow regardless of the outcome.

“This is how our democratic processes work,” he wrote.

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