Jennifer Coolidge shares a heartbreaking reason why she feels so insecure

Jennifer Coolidge is beloved for her comedic prowess – but sadly, she doesn’t seem to love herself as much as her fans do.

The “White Lotus” star, who recently won a Critics Choice, Golden Globe and Emmy award for her performance as Tanya McQuoid in the hit series, said she does not feel at home in Hollywood despite her long acting career.

“I’ve been around forever, ever since I was 30 — that’s a long time,” she told Page Six last week. “But when I go to a party with my other actor friends, I don’t know any of the people. I live a lonely life in New Orleans and only know people I meet at work and my friends from The Groundlings.”

When asked why she doesn’t respect herself like her fans do, Coolidge cited her dating life.

“Oh, I don’t know. I mean, my dating life, I’ve never really found anyone quite a good fit for myself.” “I haven’t found the love of my life.”

“I think I’ve made some bad decisions. Even though people in Hollywood sometimes tell her they love her work, it makes you feel insecure and you don’t think you’re cool,” she added, “The only way she knows she means if he [they] I give you a job.”

The actress, who’s seeing what some fans call her career “genesis” amid the sweep of award season, was self-deprecating during recent headline-grabbing acceptance speeches. At The Globes, she spoke of having big dreams that “faded away” with age and thanked “White Lotus” creator Mike White for giving her a fresh start. At the Critics’ Choice Awards, she sent a message to people “who’ve given up hope”: “It’s not over until the dead. It’s not over until the dead.

Although Coolidge has spoken of scrambling to get “small jobs” to keep her in Hollywood for decades, she’s always been a symbol to her fans, with memorable performances as Stifler’s mom in American Pie and the bully-turner in Legally Blonde.

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