Jennifer Coolidge won her first Emmy and chose to dance while playing

From “Best in Show” to Best in Its Representative Class.

Jennifer Coolidge won an Emmy Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series for her role as Tanya McQuaid in “white lotusMonday – marking the most prestigious award the 61-year-old comedian has received in her nearly 20-year career.

College’s acceptance speech was offbeat as were many of her shows. She made jokes about taking a lavender bath which made her bloat – and it seemed like she did a lot of swearing. But the moment that made her acceptance speech really cool was when the music started playing, suggesting that it was time for her to wrap up and walk off the stage — and instead she chose to rebel.

“Wait, wait, one thing! Wait on hold! Wait on hold. Well,” she said before starting to dance to the music.

Coolidge—a graduate of Los Angeles’ popular improv band The Groundlings—began her career as a massage therapist for Jerry Seinfeld in the 1993 episode “Seinfeld.” From there she landed roles in 1999’s “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Seduced Me” and 1998’s “A Night at Roxbury,” the latter co-starring with fellow Groundlings alum Will Ferrell.

Coolidge’s breakout role came in 1999 when she played Stifler’s mother in the “American Pie” franchise — the part that launched the term “MILF” into the zeitgeist. I helped her sleep with “almost 200 people”.

But at the time, sleep might not have been an option for Coolidge as her career took off quickly — she slayed beloved roles as Paulette in 2001’s Legally Blonde and became a regular actress in Christopher Guest’s satirical films like 2003’s Best in Show “A”. Mighty Wind” and “To Consider” 2006.

However, her once-promising career began to fluctuate in 2010 when she began getting a mostly humorous guest-starring role as a quirky avatar on bigger projects. At the time, she also seemed to be sick of Hollywood and resented the idea that actresses had to be skinny to book interesting roles.

“I’ve probably taken myself out of a lot of great roles,” Coolidge told the Miami New Times. in 2011. “I don’t take any of it seriously. Like, I’d be in a situation with girls who didn’t eat, and I’d say ‘Oh, it’s a pity you don’t.’ It never occurred to me to join them.”

“I want the parts, but I don’t want to work hard for them. Starving yourself seems like too much of a commitment,” she added.

College told Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” in January that her career in the mid-2000s entered a dead zone that she described as a “dead zone.”

That was until pop star Ariana Grande said she was a Coolidge fan and made an impression Her on “The Tonight Show” in 2018 – and a friend of Coolidge encouraged her to hook up with Grande.

Coolidge did, and the move completely rekindled her career.

“Then the next thing you know, I was like going to her house to get a proper wardrobe for ‘Thank you, next,'” Coolidge told Fallon in January.

Then, during the COVID-19 pandemic, College friend Mike White offered her the role of Tanya McQuaid in White Lotus — a segment he had written with Coolidge in mind.

She told College Fallon in January that she initially didn’t want to take on the role due to insecurities about her body, joking that during the pandemic she’d eat “maybe six pizzas a day.”

“I tried to figure out ways out of that,” she admitted.

She sent a white text message to Coolidge asking if she was “afraid” to take on the role and – thanks to a friend’s encouragement – took the party.

Tanya of College – a needy and self-centered woman who travels to Hawaii to spread her mother’s ashes – quickly becomes a fan favorite in the movie White Lotus.

win the role The 2022 Critics’ Choice Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series in March, and an Emmy Award on Monday.

We hope all longtime Coolidge fans will flex and pick up in honor of her.

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