Jeremy Renner was touched by the love and support of his well-wishers

After, after Being hospitalized with severe chest and bone injuries, Jeremy Renner is recovering, and an outpouring of well-wishes is “overwhelmed”.

After being crushed on New Year’s Day near his home in Reno, Nevada, in a freak snow accident, the 52-year-old actor underwent two major surgeries at his local hospital.

The source revealed that although Renner has a long road ahead of him, well wishes have helped his recovery process. The celebrity has had a lot of support from well-known followers and friends, including members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe family, including Chris Hemsworth, Evangeline Lilly, and Hailee Steinfeld.

On social media, Renner posted some updates, assuring followers that he is gradually recovering well. When Renner first shared a photo of his disfigured face on social media, he said he was “too stumped to write.”

The Marvel star later posted a photo of himself, hospital staff, and family members on his Instagram story. The medical staff and the actor’s mother and sister, who have been by his side since the accident, gathered around him.

He captioned the photo: “Thank you to the famous medical intensive care team for starting this journey.”

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