Kenya imports first GM maize amid drought and food shortages

Kenya is preparing to import its first genetically modified maize, Kenya’s trade minister said, as the government seeks to ease food shortages caused by the country’s worst drought in 40 years.

Kenya will on Friday allow duty-free imports of 10 million bags of corn over the next six months, local media reported, and for the first time it will include genetically modified corn.

The imports will be the first since President William Ruto last month lifted a decade-old ban on the cultivation and import of genetically modified crops, which authorities hope will improve crop yields and food security as millions face hunger.

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10 million bags of maize will be imported to Kenya over the next six months. Pictured: Villager Caroline is seen in a field of wilted maize crops amid a historically devastating drought at Kedmo sub-site in Kilifi County, Kenya, March 23, 2022.
(Dong Jianghui/Xinhua via Getty Images)

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“Given the food situation in the country, I will sign instruments to allow the import of GM and non-GM corn duty-free for the next six months,” Secretary Moses Kuri said on Twitter.

Annual rains have failed across Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia in the past four seasons, forcing 1.5 million people to leave their homes in search of water and food elsewhere.

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