Kevin Gates is mimicking sexual acts on stage again — and Twitter is concerned

Kevin Gates’ latest sexually charged performance is sending Twitter into a frenzy.

in Fan shots Posted on Twitter on Tuesday, the “Thinkin’ with My Dick” rapper can be seen mimicking a sexual act on a microphone while detailing how he loves to sexually please a woman.

In the footage, Gates also put his hand inside his pants and pretended to pull his penis while describing a sexual act while the audience cheered.

Gates, who is known for his lively performances, continues to rapping with sharper lyrics before moving on to his 2018 punk tune “Me Too.”

“Suck your toes, laugh, please/You say, ‘Bae, I’m obnoxious,’ I say, ‘Me too,'” Gates said while the concertgoers sang along with him.

One Twitter user He even admitted that he was “afraid” of the rapper’s apparent bedroom moves.

Has Kevin Gates been like this since he first came out? Or something happened. Because it’s worrying, “Someone else chirp.

Last month, the musician “Khaza” caught the attention of Twitter after a Video He appeared from one of his shows in Texas where he participated in his 2017 song “DU Down” and forcefully re-enacted the lyrics.

The viral video has garnered over a million views.

Gates had many amazing moments, including meIn July, when he appeared on Revolt TV’s “Caresha Please” and opened up about his discovery Sleeps with his cousin, a story he had already Eat it on Instagram.

“Duh! Damn it?” Gates replied when the show’s host, Young Miami, asked him about it.

“I just have a question for you. If you and I meet, I put it on you. The right way. He said before explaining how he found out the woman was nearby.” I introduce you to my grandmother and then she says, “Baby who are you people?” She pulls me to the side and says, “Baby This is your cousin!”

“I’m not about to stop! The damage is done,” he said. “I haven’t known you all my life. Only now I found it. We were already thugs. And we’re still good friends to this day.”

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