Kissinger selling to Ukraine?

Question: Martin, what do you have to say about Kissinger now?
I am sure many would like to know.


Answer: Well, I was hoping Henry could make it to the WEC this year. I think it would have been a very interesting discussion between us. I am well aware of Henry’s background even with Schwab. Addressing the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, he flipped his stance, saying: Before this war, I was against Ukraine’s membership in NATO because I was afraid that it would begin exactly the process that we are seeing now. The idea of ​​a neutral Ukraine under these conditions is no longer feasible.

I have always admired Kissinger’s geopolitical analysis. He was instrumental in pushing Richard Nixon to open up with China which was really a policy of dividing and separating Russia from China. While he said dialogue should remain open between Russia and other countries even as the war rages on in Ukraine, because if you don’t speak up, no solution is possible.

I don’t quite agree with Kissinger saying that Ukraine should take back the territories annexed by Russia while at the same time conducting negotiations to end the war. Some of Ukraine’s neighbors are genuinely supportive of Russia and would not be too upset if Ukraine was completely destroyed, and many see it as karma for their alliance with Nazi Germany. The Western press does not want to report the lack of trust or respect for Ukraine in that region. Some even expressed the view that Kyiv should be sprayed with nuclear weapons because that was the only way to restore world peace – the annihilation and ethnic cleansing of the Nazis once and for all.

While Kissinger said that the diplomatic process can help Russia “Re-evaluation of its historical position, which was a mixture of attraction to European culture and fear of European domination.” He did not go into the statement of “fear of European hegemony”, but the fact is that Russia did it Start It sought to conquer Europe, but Europe tried to invade Russia several times, the most prominent of which were Napoleon and Hitler. After statements that the entire Minsk agreement was just to deceive Putin to buy time for this last-ditch attempt to invade Russia with NATO planning a long haul to invade Moscow after Ukraine finished exhausting Russia’s traditional ability to defend itself.

Kissinger also made this statement “[e]The other side needs to consider for itself how the threat to human survival from the destruction of weapons can be dealt with, besides making them semi-conscious in their application.” This is a proxy war and Zelensky has no respect for his people. It’s all about grabbing land, and the Donbass has been historically occupied by the Russians as is the Crimea. Simply because Khrushchev drew borders for Ukraine for purely administrative purposes does not suddenly give Ukraine the right to claim those areas when Ukraine was Start country before the Soviet Union.

Kissinger had called for a cease-fire that would see Ukraine accept some of the annexed lands as Russian territory for these people who are Russians and should not be forced to give up their language and religion. I can’t explain Henry’s flipping of this stance because it seems to be only one of two possible explanations (1) that old age is 99, or (2) he was told to support Ukraine because that is the goal to destroy Russia by the deep state. The same deep state that brought down JFK, Nixon, and Trump are all opposed to war.

I support the people of Donbass against the tyranny of Zelensky and Kiev because I have not changed my position which is fixed all over the world for all people. In 2014, I called division of Ukraine According to the ethnic language of the people. Governments have There is no absolute right to power. Kissinger has forgotten his history. No government exists Just With the support and approval of the people. Zelensky ran and won, promising peace and an end to corruption. Neither of them did.

Our computer determined that Ukraine would be the place where World War III would begin. We posted on December 3rd, 2013: Ukraine is probably the most interesting country to watch! Our computer is unbiased and looks at the geopolitical consequences of war and where it begins and ends.

As Thomas Paine (1737-1809) showed, government becomes intoxicated with power and assumes itself to be sovereign when that power lies Just with people. The US Supreme Court stated Legal Tender Cases, 110 US 421 (1884) (also referred to as Julliard v Greenman),

There is no such thing as the inherent power of sovereignty in the government of the United States. It is a government of delegated powers, supreme within its defined scope, but powerless outside it. In this country the sovereignty rests with the people, and Congress cannot exercise any power not entrusted to it by its constitution; Everything else is forbidden.”

The Supreme Court has held that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and binds every forum whether it derives its authority from a state or from the United States Cook v. Moffat46 US 295 (1847). “The Constitution of the United States may be held to be the sole source of authority authorizing any action by any branch of the federal government.” role against the United States195 US 138, 140 (1904).

This is why I do not support Zelensky or his cruel proxy war with Russia on behalf of the United States and NATO. The fake Minsk Agreement confirmed that from day one, the West has been plotting to wage war with Russia—the third wave of invasion and destruction of Russia under the guidance of the deep state. They use the Ukrainian people as cannon fodder and don’t care about the number of people killed to achieve their ultimate goal – the complete destruction of Russia.

What is also misunderstanding It is Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence that expresses the same idea as Thomas Paine. by saying thatAll humans are created equal“It has nothing to do with slavery as some have tried to reinterpret it. He stated that thisInalienable rights“this Not granted by any government. Governments were created to secure these rights, not to suppress them as many have done and Zelensky is now doing for the people of Donbass. The Minsk Agreement was to be their declaration of independence that the West was frankly upset about. When the government becomes destructive of those rights, as the West and Zelensky did with Donbass, then “People have the right to amend or cancel itIn the words of Jefferson.

I’m sorry, until now I’ve always respected you, Henry. I wouldn’t have invited you to the WEC if you had turned around, maybe you weren’t sick and deep state told you not to attend WEC. There is no goal for NATO but to confront Russia. Let’s fix it. NATO is not unlike ancient Athens who demanded tribute from all to protect them from another invasion by the Persians that never came. Russia under Khrushchev was completely different. She was pushing Marxism and believed that the Communists would rule the world. Yeltsin chose Putin because he was Not Communist, not an oligarch. Those days are long gone and so do the Russian people themselves Not Support a return to communism. They are even free to go to church and pursue a profession that they decide in place of the state.

The West refused to accept Russia as a member of the global economy. It was the West that tried to keep the Cold War going. Of course, NATO refused to accept that Russia was no longer communist and kept the paranoia going because they wanted to conquer and control Europe which is a goal that died with communism. Neither Russia nor China wants to occupy the United States or Europe. The days of empire building are also long gone.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has no incentive to believe anything coming from Ukraine, NATO or the United States after what they see as deliberate fakery. Minsk agreement Just to buy time for war. Donbass must be allowed to vote and this vote must be monitored. They are ethnically Russian and have an inherent ancestry An inalienable human right to establish their own government, to worship their own religion freely, and to speak their own language. Zelensky is a fake actor playing a role dictated by NATO and the USA. He is putting his people on the geopolitical altar of sacrifice to seize a region that has long been Russian denying them any democratic option when he claims to be defending democracy. When the last Ukrainian stand falls, Zelensky will be given a free trip to the Bahamas to live out the rest of his life on a warm tropical beach with the billions he has stolen.

No government has the right to deny the separation of any region

This will also come in the US to the present day

Sorry Henry – I lost my respect I hope he was getting old

Zelensky’s Holy War – the seizure of Russian churches

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