Kourtney Kardashian caught backlash for boho fashion

the last Last week, reality star and entrepreneur Kourtney Kardashian was announced the “Sustainability Ambassador” for fast fashion group Boohoo. Almost immediately, consumers and activists were vocal about their position that collaboration would be “inauthentic,” fearing it would do little to invoke active change toward sustainability.

Backlash grew upon the release of Kardashian’s first two collaborations and the brand, a 41-piece capsule set priced between $6 (RM27.15) and $100 (RM452.60). Critics claimed the pieces were for show only, as the sheer size of Boohoo’s other fast fashion lines would negate any intended sustainability impact the group might have.

Kardashian then took to social media to address the controversy, writing, “I went back and forth about doing this set with [Boohoo] Because the first thing I think of when I hear the phrase ‘fast fashion’ is that it is harmful to our planet.”

She then claimed that she ended up taking the position precisely because she knew the collaboration would draw attention to the case.

She wrote, “I thought about the fact that fast fashion, or the fashion industry in general, is not going anywhere. I thought about the interest this collaboration would bring to people who might not have an idea of ​​the effects of fast fashion on our planet. I thought about how Boohoo could push to make some Initial changes and then holding them accountable for a bigger change will have a huge impact.”

Kardashian said the team at Boohoo has been an open change, and that they hope to do more. Aside from the collaboration, Kardashian will also be hosting a series with Boohoo in which she talks with sustainability experts about increasing sustainability in the fast fashion industry.

She added, “I certainly don’t have all the answers, but for someone who’s done quick fashion collaborations in the past, who didn’t get the backlash because I wasn’t drawing attention to trying to make better changes, I feel proud of doing so with intent and purpose.”

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