La Nina: The Met Office has officially declared another terrible summer

The Bureau of Meteorology has officially declared La Nina summer for the third time in a row, predicting another reason for heavy rains for Australia..

It comes as families across multiple states continue to rebuild in the wake of extreme weather events over the past 24 months, including dangerous East Coast floods that have devastated communities.

Weather events in La Nina are associated with torrential rains and widespread flooding and drove the scorching conditions seen in the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 summers.

The bureau advised that the La Nina event would see “humid conditions will continue into summer,” revealing that tropical sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean have fallen since June and “now at La Nina thresholds.”

Atmospheric indicators including the Southern Oscillation Index, the strength of the trade winds, and tropical clouds “also display typical patterns of a La Nina event.”

BOM also noted the impact of climate change on Australia’s weather patterns.

“Climate change continues to affect the Australian and global climate,” the September 13 statement read.

“Australia’s climate warmed by about 1.47°C for the period from 1910 to 2020. South Australia has seen a 10-20 per cent decrease in the cold season (April-October) in rainfall in recent decades.

“There was also a trend towards a greater proportion of rain from short duration, high intensity rainfall events, particularly across northern Australia.”

Alison Osborne, a meteorologist for Sky News, said La Nina was likely to last at least until early summer.

“It looks like it’s weak and likely to last until early summer at the earliest,” she told NCA NewsWire in August.

“But there’s a lot of difference in terms of what you’re going to do after January.”

Originally published as the Met Office and has officially declared another summer in La Nina

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