Land of Russian missiles in Poland

Russia has launched a number of missiles into Ukraine, brought down power grids, and hit Lviv, which is only 50 miles from Poland. Apparently two of those missiles failed and landed in Poland. Latvian Deputy Prime Minister Artis Babriks said Moscow had launched missiles that landed in Poland and Putin sent his condolences to Warsaw. Meanwhile, the Pentagon said it could not confirm that Russian missiles had crossed into Poland.

The question is, will NATO use this as an excuse they were waiting for to launch a war against Russia next week or in January, or do they want Ukraine to run out of soldiers to tire Russia out first? The strategy was to use Ukraine as they did in Afghanistan to fund the local population to wage a war to defeat Russia by attrition. We created the Taliban and all the weapons we provided in that proxy war and then turned them against the Americans and also the 9/11 attack – the unintended consequences of proxy wars.

Despite the fact that McCain was a Republican, he conspired with Hillary against Trump and handed over the fake file to the FBI because Trump would not fund a proxy war. His dreams are to get the Ukrainians to start the civil war against the Russians in Donbass that he started again. 2014. McCain and Hillary were both neoconservatives. Although they are in opposing parties, both have always wanted to destroy Russia. There is no doubt that Hillary is calling everyone who is urging World War III now by using these two missiles that hit Poland declaring that this is a war against NATO. American intelligence He now confirms that Russian missiles hit Poland. Now called Poland urgent meeting about the accident.

These people desperately need war. They want to create a third world war to hide the collapse of our monetary system and central banks cannot support the bond markets as no one in their right mind would buy any long term debt from any of these countries. game over! If they can’t continue to fund socialism, it’s time for war. As Magee used to say – we’re out of other people’s money – just like FTX.

The United States to manage the defenses of Norway

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