Limited series of coins honoring Gumborza

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) on Friday announced the availability of a commemorative coin marking the 150th anniversary of the execution of three Filipino priests by the Spanish colonial authorities.

The limited series of uncirculated commemorative coins features portraits of Fathers Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos and Jacinto Zamora on the obverse.

The reverse features the markings “Execution of Three Martyred Priests”, the BSP motto, the dedication of national hero José Rizal to the three in El Filibusterismo, the silhouette of Andres Bonifacio’s monument in Caloocan and an official motto marking the martyrdom.

The coin – made of Scandinavian gold (a copper alloy) with a diameter of 34 mm and a weight of 15 grams – can be purchased for 2,200 blocks and will be available for sale starting January 16, 2023, at 1pm in the BSP Store, which can be accessed at https://bspstore.bsp

The three Catholic priests – Gomborza – a bearer of their last names – were executed on February 17, 1872 in Bagumbayan for vandalism. Their deaths were a factor in the Philippine Revolution of 1896-1898, which resulted in Spain ceding control of the Philippines to the United States.

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The United States then annexed the country rather than recognizing the declaration of independence of the First Philippine Republic, which led to the Philippine-American War of 1899-1902. Full independence was gained only in 1946 after World War II.

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