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Male and female Gibbons sing duets with each other at New Scientist

A wildlife rehabilitation tool rescued more than 1,600 bats during a CNN cold snap session in Houston

Emergency Prices (Interview) The Polycrisis. Isabella Weber: “We live in an era of overlapping emergencies in which trauma to necessities is becoming more common, perhaps even systemic…. [W]You may need a disaster preparedness mindset in making economic policies. This requires the state to have surveillance capacity and a policy toolbox for sectors of systemic importance…. Ideally, we would stabilize prices well in advance of a price explosion. Hmm.

Man in motion, James Madison University (Barclay Rosser, 1948-2023). Sadly, another old-school blogger is gone. Our condolences!


Evaluating ExxonMobil’s global warming projections. “Our results show that in private and academic circles since the late 1970s and early 1980s, ExxonMobil has correctly and skillfully predicted global warming.”

Seasonal temperatures in West Antarctica during the Holocene epoch

* * *

Los Angeles’ ban on gas stoves could spell the end for many HypeBeast Asian restaurants

Abigail Disney says private jets are a climate ‘cancer’, Elon Musk and other MarketWatch tycoons describe them

* * *

No eyes on the New Mexico Scout Sky. Deck: “New Mexico’s tough new pollution rules require oil and gas operators to report their methane emissions. Can self-policing work?” Wait. “harsh”?

Climate change: UAE appoints oil minister to lead BBC COP28 talks

Bloodlines and Entry Milk Lines


20 years of severe drought are holding back massive developments in the southwest circle of blue. Nature is healing.

A “Public Health Crisis in the Making”: Agriculture Pollutes Minnesota’s Drinking Groundwater. Well owners pay the price. Midwest Investigation

Is California still suffering from drought after epic storms? Here are the maps and graphs that show the San Francisco Chronicle

An extreme “rogue wave” in the North Pacific has been confirmed as the most extreme in the standard scientific alert


Q&A: Can inhaled vaccines win back a one-time leader in China’s Covid race? Endpoint News

Study says most long-term COVID symptoms resolve by one year after mild cases, but experts aren’t so sure Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

A Billion Days Wasted: How COVID-19 Harms McKinsey’s American Workforce. Managing the spillover effects of Biden’s policy of mass infection (essentially, a sicker, shorter-lived working class).


Former finance minister says South China Morning Post that China’s “dual economic structure” between urban and rural areas is fueling inequality

China’s downturn brings back big business


Factbox: India’s Android antitrust directive that spooked Google Reuters

What are the economic prospects for Central Asia in 2023? Diplomat

The two Koreas

Blackpink’s Born Pink tour shows K-pop women powering post-COVID re-globalization in Asia – South China Morning Post


Walking in Amman (Jordan) Chris Arnad walks around the world

European secession

US pressures Serbia and Kosovo to try to stem ‘spreading violence’ Financial Times

The largest deposit of rare earth metals in Europe is located in the LKAB Kiruna region. Sweden.

A new cold war

Russia Faces Three Pivotal Moments in 2023 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Something Big This Way Comes Oliver Boyd Barrett, Empire, Communications, and the NATO Wars. Summary of Mercury’s on Mixing Russian Leadership in Ukraine. Speaking of Mercurys, Russia unites Solidar, focuses on Bakhmut, and drive adjustments; Kyiv floats and refuses the armistice which included a very nice shout out to NC (starting at 57:42)

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Germany does not rule out the delivery of the Leopard tank to the Ukrainian agency Andalo

The Pentagon refuses to send Ukraine foreign policy long-range bombs

* * *

Ukrainian disinformation, the American conservative

A blunder or a subtle diplomatic trick. What do we know about the new Ukrainian ambassador to Bulgaria? Bulgaria Posts. Wild stuff!

Latin america

Brazilian police found a draft decree in the house of the former minister for the return of elections, a source told Reuters

* * *

Peruvian forces are accused of carrying out the “massacre” of 17 protesters opposing government control of Shared Dreams. A “takeover” which, as sure as a shootout, was given the green light by the United States.

Peruvian airport, which connects to Machu Picchu, is closed as protests grow. Al Jazeera. No one will think of tourists.

At the epicenter of protests in Peru, the Americas quarterly anger and sense of betrayal

Peruvian producers demand free highway transit as nationwide protests increase Fresh Fruit Portal

Biden administration

Secret documents and the Corvette: How much trouble is Biden in trouble? FT

Animal testing is no longer required before human drug trials


The institutional investor for the problem of tax shelter in crypto

The SEC is suing Gemini and Genesis over the FT Crypto Asset Lending Program


Fraud is the biggest threat to shipping losses Hellenic Shipping News. Hmm.

The USDA now says the US lost an additional 1.6 million acres of corn in 2022, where did they go? AgWeb

Zeitgeist Watch

Should I shave my head? 5 Reasons You’ll Be Glad You Did Teen Vogue. Read before responding.

Watch the imperial collapse

Why the world looks different in 2023 foreign policy

Panic grips the Special Forces community amid investigations into drug and human trafficking

guillotine clock

Davos expects record turnout as Reuters resumes in winter. God’s vast mercy. Was it really not a year?

A highly anticipated government report on UFOs is very thin on the details of the new drive

Why not March Maciej Cegłowski, idle words. I like the descriptive sentence: “Brevity is for the weak.”

antidote today (via):

I don’t usually do zoo pictures, but what a cute cat!

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