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See the largest flower ever found wrapped in amber Scientific American

The skeleton of a man who was feared to become a museum exhibit will finally be removed from the CNN show

Maine gets the first mega $1 million jackpot with $1.35 billion in AP jackpot


Newsom Suggests Cuts to Climate Change Programs Amid Cloudy Economic Outlook Los Angeles Times. Ataboy. This is the kind of liberalism we like.

Mass migration to climate is coming wired


Upstream dams submerge Cambodia’s flooded protected forest Third Pole


Kraken, Elon Musk, and dead Canadian doctors: Misinformation is on the rise 3 years after the global news pandemic

We convinced our school to return the OK Doomer (MN) masks.


China records 60,000 COVID-related deaths, and says the peak has passed the AP. If deaths in China are small, then the press must ask why we had so many more deaths. If the deaths in China are significant, the press should think for itself of its responsibility to them by pressing for the end of non-profit institutions in China. None of the alternatives is palatable, so the press will be left behind with the demands of the data. As if the United States had any standing in terms of data.

Covid ‘beats’ rural China, while wheat, soybean and rice variants in focus Farm Policy News

The two Koreas

The international press shines in covering The Blue Roof Itaewon disaster

European secession

Nicola Gratteri: The man on the BBC’s most powerful mafia kill list in Italy

French regulators have fined TikTok €5m over its handling of user cookies EuroNews

Dear Old Blighty

The case of former Corbyn employees could hurt the BBC’s Labor election fund. This is a great shame. Can’t the ghosts give Labor a boost from the reptilian box?

Latin america

Peru declares a state of emergency amid protests in Lima Squares

Washington, Guaido, and the Venezuelan Analysis of the Billion Dollar Circus

Why did the CIA try to “Maidan uprising” in Brazil Pepe Escobar, Nativity. One source. However, it is impossible for me to believe that the United States did not give the green light to Bolsonaro (especially after Lava Gato). Escobar also mentions this interesting source-

Tesla’s external auditors, PwC, may be investigated in Brazil over the AutoEvolution accounting scandal

A new cold war

Military briefing: Solidar victory could cost Russia dear Financial Times. An unexpected turn of events!

Russian missiles hit vital infrastructure in Kyiv and Kharkiv Reuters

* * *

The Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine is Mark Sloboda, an open bandit-fascist, a real politician

NAFO slandered itself after a senior Fila threatened to shoot the newsletter of pro-Kiev German journalist Andrew Korybko. koripco.

* * *

Whisper it, but Europe is winning the energy war with Putin Politico. Big if true. In addition, the massive transfer of power and money to the dominant empire was wiped out. Client states don’t win wars, energy wars or not.

Kazakhstan will deliver 300,000 tons of oil to Germany through the Russian Andalus Agency

Russia uses Chinese supertankers to ship oil to Asia gCaptain

Revenue from Russian fertilizer exports jumped 70% in 2022 as prices soared, according to the Financial Times.

* * *

The long war in the foreign affairs of Ukraine

Ankara says time is running out to ratify Sweden, and Finnish NATO demands Al Jazeera

How Ukraine Became a Laboratory of Western Weapons and Battlefield Innovation CNN. Conditions are different in Asia, so we’ll need a lab there as well.

The Burden of War and Commodities (PDF) Zoltan Bozar, Credit Suisse. G7 against BRICS. Worth a download, although the thesis rating is higher than my salary.

C-17A was allowed to transport the B61-12 nuclear bomb to the European Union of American Scientists

Biden administration

‘Playing Chicken’: Republicans Draw Battle Lines Over US Debt Ceiling Financial Times. Which the Democrats did not cancel, and they show it You want Whatever grotesque “grand bargain” style “bargain” that emerges from the sausage industry….

Yellen warns of “irreparable damage” if debt ceiling is not raised in congressional letter to Yahoo

This is how a trillion dollar coin can end the debt ceiling battles for good (podcast)

* * *

Key Covid-19 Official David Kessler Leaving the Biden Administration The Wall Street Journal. Hmm.

The FAA says a computer failure that grounded thousands of flights was caused by two contractors inserting data errors into Fortune’s NOTAM system.


The Justice Department held Biden’s news document until after the midterm viewer. Well obviously. This is scandal 202, not 202. Which makes one wonder about the hand holding the dagger-

Kamala Harris reassures the public that no one gave her only secret document The Onion

* **

4 other schools in Fairfax County failed to notify students of their ABC National Merit Awards. Nationalizing “our schools” as a cause awaits Yongkin (who has an advantage over the burly DeSantis that he doesn’t look like a sinister small-town car dealer).

Police condition monitoring

A former Louisiana police chief faces a second-degree murder charge KHQA and video show an NYPD car striking and killing a pedestrian on Gothamist’s busy Brooklyn Avenue and the head of a New York Irish-American police group suspended after a failed Sunday World drug test. while:

* * *

Chicago attorney gets justice for hundreds of wrongly convicted people all in one go Buzzfeed

Auckland’s ‘Knights’ Scandal and the Charged Road to Fix Police Bolts

How the police actually cracked the Idaho murder case list. Forensic genealogy. “Forensic genealogy leaders in the FBI and outside have directed police departments to delete all references to this technology, several people involved in these investigations have told me.” This is a confidence builder!

Democrats in negligence

The wonderful world of NGOs (guilds are completely different). thread:

Our famous free press

The New York Times Takes “Stack the Deck of Justice” Against Its FAIR Subscribers

Intelligence community

The New “Church” Commission and Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Violent History (Podcast Interview) John Kyriakou, Jesse Ventura Die First, Then Resign. Interesting to see Kiriakou in this place.


BookTok London review of books. I support metaphors!

class struggle

Deep State Matt Stoller Awards, Paige. Despite the outrageous meme in the title, this is a pretty sharp analysis of how business is doing in Washington. Well worth a careful read, especially in conjunction with this one by Thomas Frank. (Stoller, I think, misses the delicate point that one of the purposes of these ceremonies is to signal that award-givers have the power to bestow prizes; they control, as it were, the dedication process in their field. This dynamic precedes and is a necessity for spreading the power that Stoller describes as such rich detail).

“We” are silenced. Someone else noticed! I would say a sign that the company’s board of directors is about the gigs; Intensify their class solidarity and the consequent tension instead of questioning them.

Sectoral Manufacturing (Interview) Richard Pencill, Phenomenal Scientist. It must conform to the industrial model of Ferguson et al.

Human Consciousness: A Tragic Misstep Institute for Art and Ideas

Can gratitude save humanity? Anird

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