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King’s Radical Revival Boston Review

US President Joe Biden delivers a sermon at Martin Luther King Church, the first Reuters

Who will rule the new world trading system? Wall Street Journal

Enron, Madoff, and now FTX: The Belfer family of New York attacks the FT again. “FTX’s ability to court a wealthy New York family gives a new sign of the extent to which Bankman-Fried has penetrated the American elite in its quest to attract investment for its business. Court documents show that billionaire Robert Kraft and many well-known celebrities and athletes are also FTX shareholders.”


Davos Guide: Mood Music – The Return of Protectionism – Where Are All the Tories? Politico

Moral lesson number one: No matter how rich you are, you can’t control the snowfall.

Moral lesson number two: When it comes to climate change, the World Economic Forum has made net zero progress. Those endless discussions about climate change that have been a feature of the program for years are prescient – take a look around, climate change is actually happening before your eyes.

Even press notifications. until the Politician Journalism.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) predicts that in the United States, COVID-19 cases will come under control, with deaths jumping 44% in one week.

COVID in 2023 and beyond – why it’s hard to predict three-year virus trends on GAVI. Like the tweet:

“As people adapt…” Let me translate: “As world leaders, starting with the West, they adopt a policy of mass infection without mitigation…”

* * *

SARS-CoV-2 wastewater concentration and associated longitudinal seroprevalence: spatial analysis of strain mutation, effect of post-COVID-19 vaccination, and prediction of hospitalization burden (preprint) medRxiv. From the summary:[O]Your knowledge remains limited regarding wastewater concentration and the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine on overall disease burden as measured by hospitalization rates…. RESULTS: We found a strong linear association between wastewater concentration and the estimated community prevalence (r = 0 916). Based on the corresponding regression model, a county vaccination rate of 64% translated into an approximately 57% reduction in the incidence of SARS-CoV-2. During the study period, the estimated effect of the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant was seen as a more than 7-fold increase in the number of infections, which corresponds to a more than 12-fold increase in the concentration of wastewater. Hospitalization burden and sewage concentration had the strongest association (r = 0 963) at the time of one week delay. We estimated that the community-based vaccination campaign resulted in an approximately 63% reduction in the number of daily admissions over the study period. This protective effect was nullified by the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 delta strain mutation.

Cardiovascular disease and mortality consequences of COVID-19 in the UK Biobank (PDF) BMJ. n = 17,871 UK biobank cases between March 2020 and 2021. From Abstact: “Individuals hospitalized with COVID-19 have increased risk of cardiovascular disease across a range of morbidity and mortality outcomes. The risk of most Events peak in the early post-infection period.Individuals who do not require hospitalization have an increased risk [venous thromboembolism (VTE)]but not to other cardiovascular outcomes.”

* * *

The Biden administration’s unmitigated mass infection policy continues apace:

The head of the Maine CDC who led the COVID-19 response to his post-AP feed. Actually good. I just hope Walensky doesn’t spoil him face. And speaking of corruption-

Epidemiological boundaries between government and corporate interests. So who can the public believe? (Excerpt) The Disinformation Chronicle. Even the excerpt is worth a read.

* * *

Ultraviolet radiation and indoor air disinfection for epidemic control: a long-awaited technology WSWS. The second part. Could.


What is the size of the domestic financial pressure? A major tax reform is coming, which will affect everyone who reads China. Paywall, but the snippet is arresting enough. Can any Chinese watchers expand?

Uganda walks away from belt-and-rail deal as China stops loans South China Morning Post

FBI counterintelligence raid on Chinese police station in New York: National Review Report

The problem of the primacy of foreign affairs. Surface: “America’s Dangerous Quest for Pacific Domination.”

Japan and the United States are closely aligned on strengthening the radical defense Asahi Shimbun

The United States boosts aid to Micronesia in exchange for more military access


Myanmar’s shadow government is raising $100 million to oppose the ruling military junta in the Bangkok Post. NUG seems to be a bit, shall we say, unworldly about cryptocurrency, but with that said the rest of the money will buy some weapons (and hopefully not funneled to NGOs).

Fatal Deeds: Supplying Weapons to Myanmar’s Military (PDF) Special Advisory Council for Myanmar


Pakistan province demands dissolution of local parliament in victory for former prime minister Khan Reuters. Punjab.

Latin america

Peru declares a state of emergency in Lima after deadly protests. Financial Times. The Financial Times somehow managed not to mention the coup (green-lit for the US) that triggered the protests.

A new cold war

Arms maker Straits Times says German Leopard tanks repaired for Ukraine won’t be ready until 2024

Ukraine says German tanks are ‘essential to survival’ Deutsche Welle. So did Germany Some So leverage?

Germany’s defense minister resigns after a series of gaffes by the Financial Times

* * *

The bloody blockade of Bakhmut poses dangers for Ukraine. URL that gives the original address: bakhmut-wagner-battle-strategy. So the reporter thinks Russia has an agency. The editor, who writes the headline, says Ukraine does.

Subsonic, hypersonic, hypersonic and nothing. Empire, Communications, and the NATO Wars. Mercury, January 15th.

Russia and Belarus have begun joint military exercises, raising fears in Kyiv of a new attack, according to Reuters

Expanded US training of Ukrainian forces begins in Germany AP

* * *

Laying the foundations for the settlement of Ukraine responsible statecraft. The Nazis want a word.

Review of Nikolai Petrou “The Tragedy of Ukraine” Natelli’s Place: Understanding Russia

How do muscles work in Moscow’s foreign policy?

Biden administration

The United States cannot make enough plutonium catalysts for its nuclear warheads


Schiff says Biden may have endangered national security by hoarding the documents. Dr-. Qui Bono?

The source says the total number of Biden documents known to be classified is about 20. Comment:

Biden picks attorney Bob Bauer for issues in investigation with Reuters in documents. Late Perkins Coy. Naturally.

Drug addict Hunter Biden lived in a house in Delaware where classified New York Post documents were kept. He pays $50,000 a month for the family laundry business.


Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “Dune” was never made, but with the help of artificial intelligence, we get a glimpse of his NYT movie “Tron”. No, you really don’t. Every one of these journalists must believe that artificial intelligence is coming for else man job. Because their brand is too distinctive or tacky.

When the MD is Eric Topol’s machine doctor, Earth Facts

Automation and the New Tasks: How Technology is Displacing and Recreating Work (PDF). Journal of Economic Perspectives

Shipwreck Luddite Library

Generation Z has a new “old” technology to take over CNN (MN). flip phones. very reasonable.


Addressing Risks in Cryptography: Making Options (PDF) Bank for International Settlements. Worth reading. It would be interesting if crypto turned out to be a Trojan horse for CBDC (Cental Bank Digital Currencies), the tool by which financial capital will take our cash.

Big brother is watching you

How Police Exploited Capitol Riot’s IEEE Spectrum (PU) Digital Records. Poe writes: “A wretched spectacle of hell for a country.” Wait for the coins to be blocked!

Our famous free press

Is Biden being blackmailed into sending US combat troops to Ukraine? Bill Totten Blog. Normally, I don’t run the stuff next to Unz Review (and No @ I). But this is absolutely terrible. Bing:


The Google:

It appears to be a ghost-orchestrated domestic intelligence operation, well described by Taib et al. In Twitter Files, it’s still fully functional. Takes thatWrong thinkers!


Well I do not know. Satisfying, but my personal favorite is the assertion that the state security apparatus, the Democratic Party, the platforms, and the press have all coalesced into one gooey-like entity (though, to be fair, everything is divided into factions, so “platforms” really are Lecture for “The Dominant Factions Within Platform Management”).

Sorry, not sorry! The objection. gusefer.

Zeitgeist Watch

I know this is Cambridge. But.

Since the Liberals failed to impose Latinism, they doubled their number, attacking a more vulnerable demographic.

They can’t cancel your spirit American mind. This is, in some ways, a poignant meditation on “silence, exile, cunning,” but no one has the clout to be published by the reactionary fortress.


The origins of UK ‘family analogy’ tax research

Realignment and legitimacy

What will the end of the US shale revolution mean for the world? Financial Times. But until that day, it was totally a win-win situation:

Democracy and War (II) by Joe Costello, Life in the 21st Century

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