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Hikikomori, the phenomenon of extreme Japanese social isolation is spreading the world of ZMEScience

Other Cleopatra ion


What 5,000-year-old skeletons tell us about coexisting with grist climate change


Expert: $225 Million Needed to Replace Over 35,000 Lead Water Pipes at RI WPRI

Early results of lead testing show worrying levels in some Delaware school drinking water per Delaware News Journal

Des Moines Water Works recommends thousands of KCCI lead pipes be replaced

Flint residents urged to filter water as bottled water donations end amid ongoing water crisis ABC News



US and Israel begin largest military exercise ever as Iran nuclear talks falter, “Al-Monitor”

Old blighty

BBC boss helped Boris Johnson secure $990,000 loan before winning a job Deadline reports

Real-time map of Thames water confirms raw sewage discharge Guardian


BBC abuses freedom of the press to wage hybrid war on India Andrew Korybko


Good news, world! You can stop worrying about the South China Sea! China matters

In overstating China’s military spending, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis broke all statistical rules with a misleading graph of geopolitical economy.

China is tightening its grip on the dominant LNG buyer with long-term deals on the Nikkei Asia Index

European secession

Five defendants in second alleged far-right plot against German government The Guardian

Can Serbia survive the EU’s economic ultimatum? Branko Milanovic, Serbian Observatory

If the European Union does not democratize, Jacobin will collapse

A new cold war


Russia and the West are on the verge of a “real war” – Lavrov RT

The European Union approves an additional 500 million euros in military aid to Ukraine France24

Why does the Egyptian navy lead a NATO-led coalition in the Red Sea? cradle

The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to expand the reach of the Estonian Public Radio under its control.

NATO’s Baltic states and Russia expel their ambassadors with the decline in diplomatic relations, according to Reuters


US officials are claiming more “Russiagate” like Alabama moon nonsense. The sweeping removal of a Spanish-language letter bomb piece from The New York Times that appeared in Links yesterday.

Right and left to join the protest of the capital: “There is not a penny more for the war in Ukraine”

Rexit Refusniki GmbH: Less than 9% of foreign companies withdraw from Russia IntelliNews

Erdogan in Turkey shows he is not conceding Sweden’s bid for NATO, “Al-Monitor”

south of the border

Brazil and Argentina are the new Latin American currency to “reduce dependence on the US dollar” geopolitical economy

Biden administration

Is Kevin McCarthy’s secret weapon Joe Biden? American expectations

Justice Department prosecutions are going up, but fines are falling hard from Global Competition Review


Even Democrats are now criticizing Biden for documents corrupting Bloomberg

Kamala Harris mourns the victims of the Monterey Park shooting before giving a speech marking 50 years of CNN’s Raw.

Trump is looking to give up his own social media site, Rolling Stone

Clown car GOP

Trump’s MAGA forces threaten to overturn vote on RNC AP chief

Democrats in negligence

Why is Pete Buttigieg refusing to crack down on airline fraud? Jacobin


7 dead and 1 wounded in a mass shooting in Half Moon Bay. Custody NBC Bay Area suspect

Big brother is watching you

Scientists turn WiFi routers into “cameras” that can see people through ZMEScience walls

REPS. Adam Schiff and Jim Jordan killed wide-ranging surveillance reforms in 2020. Will they do it again? The objection

Watch the imperial collapse

Wall Street Journal report: The US arms industry is not ready for a conflict with China

Police condition monitoring

Video shows police beating Nichols like a ‘human piñata’ says Tyre Nichols’ family attorney CNN

An officer involved in the death of Nichols’ ex-accused brutality pictures The Daily Memphian

We no longer have a free press

Sports office

Investors say Jeff Bezos may sell The Washington Post to buy Leaders


The Department of Justice is preparing to sue Google over Bloomberg’s dominance of the digital advertising market


Russia-linked payment processors feed crypto dirty bubble media

US banks pressed to cut ties with crypto firms Protos

New York financial regulator targets companies that mingle with cryptocurrency funds Reuters

class struggle

The House Always Wins: The Congenital Game Project of Labor Law and Political Economy

The Economics of Empathy and the Social Stratification of the Origins of Our Time. The Surface: A Primary Source on Janet Yellen and the Conflict Theory of Inflation

What do heavily indebted employees do? Finance and the Decline of Industrial Work Journal of Industrial Relations. From the abstract: “Because highly indebted employees tend to self-discipline in the workplace due to fear of losing their jobs and defaulting on payments, this paper argues that the rise of household finance after 1970 is associated with a decline in strike activity.”

Spotify cuts 6% of its workforce — read CEO Daniel Ek’s memo to the CNBC team

There’s bipartisanship on one thing: Ticketmaster sucks at The New Republic

“Someone has achieved a great result
They’ve figured it out
We will do that anyway
Even if you don’t pay

– Gillian Welch

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