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A new study finds that Earth’s inner core has ‘paused’ its rotation and reversed it. See, there is your problem.

A Miami man was hit by a falling iguana during an outdoor yoga class at the Miami New Times


New adaptation of existing blast furnaces could reduce steelmaking emissions by 90% (Press release) University of Birmingham (Ignacio).

Carbon captures 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year – but nature isn’t enough

Giant wind turbines keep falling mysteriously. This should not happen. Popular Mechanics

‘Death in a Thousand Pure Pieces’: Canada’s Deep Snow Caribou Vanishes The Narwhale

The Fed rejected an emergency call to slow ships and ease whale strikes, according to the Associated Press


Oklahoma City is suing an oil company for stealing water intended for KOSU emergency drought relief

Rivers of sewage in Melbourne St Andrew should not become the Dorset Lives ‘witch hunt’ water company. Public health advocates keep making jokes about Jon Snow leaving the pump handle open, so people can do their own “personal risk assessments” about cholera, but maybe the joke is on them? and we?


Emails from FDA show how vaccine leader questioned ‘extremely hasty’ 2021 review of Pfizer Shoot’s endpoint news

“She died suddenly” is the list of anti-vaxxers’ new favorite phrase


Frontline Wuhan: The first city hit by Covid-19 learns its lessons in the South China Morning Post. Then and now:

China’s Economic Model Is in Crisis (And Who Knows It) (Interview) Michael Pettis, New York Magazine

The Byzantine Republic and the Chinese Empire: Some Similarities? Branko Milanovic, Global Inequality and more

The Biden administration has raised concerns with China about companies selling aid to Russia CBS

Massive cold world controls

Factory activity in Japan continued to decline for the third month in a row – PMI Reuters


Limit vaccinations to vulnerable populations, and declare the end of the pandemic, says The Economic Times expert task force

Amid China panic, Covid vaccine is spreading in India: Here’s what you need to know Indian Express

Biden sends top officials to try to win over African countries long courted by China and Russia CBS


The media helps wash the PR of the US military in joint exercises with the responsible state administration in Israel

Pro-Israel Democratic leader warns Netanyahu government’s “mistakes” could erode US support for Haaretz

European secession

Brussels aims for cryptocurrency in an overhaul of new banks Financial Times

Strong loyalty to the clan and the local population helped Mafia boss Messina Denaro stay in hiding, according to Reuters

A new cold war

Germany is sending Leopard tanks to Kyiv and allowing others to do so – sources told Reuters

The United States is preparing to present Abrams tanks to Ukraine and the Wall Street Journal. Suspension:

Many point out that Ukraine will need training to pilot M1s and Leopards. But NATO members (US, Polish and German) drivers Previously been trained. So, moving around in tanks, with boots on the ground to follow? additional:

Therefore, the battlefield requirements for these heavy tanks – assuming they arrive after the snow has thawed – would be good roads and/or rail, plus any other terrain requirements to propel a large tank. It feels like sending a punch, and Russia will have plenty of time to work around this.

The M1 Abrams is the right tank for the job in Ukraine’s foreign policy. Ukraine’s way to regain its territorial sovereignty lies in making use of machines rather than sacrificing men. This requires outside help.” right Now They tell us!

Will the M1 Abrams and Leopard 2 tanks win the Ukraine war? 1945

* * *

Why is the Russian war in Ukraine today different from the war a year ago?

Baldvilas: How the Failed Regime Change Movement in Belarus Shaped Putin’s War Plan Mark Ames, The Exiles. We can, as we used to say, “discuss” about Putin’s initial orientation towards Kyiv from Belarus, but this is a throwback of the color revolution … It’s interesting.

Invoking the Kosovo Precedent: Can We Reject the Russian Argument? Fletcher Forum for Global Affairs

* * *

Gilbert Doctorow “fired several Ukrainian officials over corruption scandals”

What really happened during those NATO meetings last week? Responsible state management

south of the border

Interior Minister Al-Mayadeen: Peruvian protests will continue

Brazilian Lula dismisses army chief following pro-Bolsonaro riots Al Jazeera

Omitting Evidence: What the IMF Got Wrong About Venezuela CEPR

US raises “serious concerns” about Mexico’s anti-GMO policies Reuters

Biden administration

The Justice Department is suing Google over the dominance of AP digital ads

Janet Yellen Refuses to Mint $1 Trillion Coin to Avoid Default Wall Street Journal

A brief history of the last music monopoly, from CCR to Travis Scott and Taylor Swift Moe Tkacik


Shipping hit by weak demand for Chinese goods – Financial Times

New study: 96% of companies are moving toward manufacturing near home amid supply chain disruptions Container News

The economic secret hidden in a little spaghetti stalled hippocampus


League of Legends source code hacked, Riot refuses to pay Kotaku extortion fee

Generative AI: How will the new era of machine learning affect you? FT

Our famous free press

Murdoch cancels merger between Fox and News Corp after investors oppose the Financial Times

Pfizer is pushing to change the lever story

Police condition monitoring

Inside the secret economy of solitary confinement, the Marshall Plan

Health Care

Dollar General is experimenting with mobile clinics as it targets a larger Fierce Pharma (Petal) healthcare presence.

class struggle

1 Big Thing: Tipping Axios Fatigue

Why and how segregation is still important to Jacobins

NOEMA Designer Economy

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