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An amazing exhibition shows how the ancient Mesopotamians not only worshiped women, but also respected them.

Canada will soon allow a medically assisted death from mental illness. Was there enough time to do it right? The Globe and Mail

The impact of poverty on mental health Urban Institute

Avoiding the Great Candidate: Extraterrestrial Life and Humanity’s Future in the Universe

Stool inversion: why approval for first-time faecal transplant matters The Guardian


Gas giant’s $3.2 billion effort to bury carbon pollution fails in Sydney Morning Herald

Imperial Powers Abandon Their Climate Commitments At COP 27 WSWS

The truth about ecofascism: the environment has been hijacked by technocrat Anheard


Another effort related to water quality has been eliminated at Iowa The Gazette


A powerful, protective, large-scale vaccine against variants of SARS-CoV-2 concern Nature

Beijing and Tianjin offer fog vaccine as booster doses, latest move to combat Omicron outbreak Global Times

Respiratory syncytial virus after the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic – what next? Nature” Non-pharmacological interventions (NPIs; such as masking, ‘stay-at-home’ counseling and social distancing) that were introduced to control the spread of SARS-CoV-2 had a marked effect on RSV turnover, with a significant reduction in RSV cases….Deficiency may have resulted in Circulation of RSV in the population during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic results in reduced transmission of passive immunity from mothers to their infants.”


India doubles trade with Russia RT (Rev Kev)


Explosion in Istanbul: 6 killed in suspected terrorist attack DW

Turkey puts pressure on its allies in Syria Al-Monitor

If NATO opposes aggression, why does it support Turkish crimes against the Kurds? current affairs

Russia: Progress made to reopen Turkey’s airspace to Russian flights to Syria Middle East Monitor

Turkey lays ground for possible diplomatic rapprochement with Syria, the birthplace

The issue of keeping US forces in Syrian foreign affairs

Netanyahu is back, but the political and military landscape in Israel has changed the cradle (Chuck L)

Old Blighty

Why is the UK struggling more than other countries? BBC (Kevin W)

Revealed: The £30bn cost of Liz Truss’ disastrous mini-budget The Guardian

Raw deal: Discontent is rising as water companies pump sewage into UK waters


The United States, China, and Great Power Competition in Responsible Statecraft in the Middle East

US doubles aid to ASEAN to counter China’s Nikkei index in Asia

Yellen says Russian oil price cap will benefit China Reuters

Taiwan says Chinese fighter jets are flying near Associated Press island

Russia’s Lavrov says West seeks to militarize Reuters in Southeast Asia

A new not cold war

As Ukraine regains control of Kherson, US looks to diplomacy before winter slows momentum – The Wall Street Journal “The US and some of its allies are concerned that their stockpiles of weapons, including some ammunition, are being depleted at an unsustainable rate.”

No end in view to the Ukraine-Indian Punchline war

Ukraine builds concrete walls to lock down oil prices in Belarus

UN envoy admits Viagra-fueled rape fabrication claim was ‘Russian military strategy’ Alex Rubinstein


Strikes ignite in Europe as cost of living rises, Hurriyet Daily News

Ukrainian minister urges ASEAN bloc to stop Russia’s “Hunger Games” Al Jazeera

Fashion industry torn apart by high energy bills in Europe WSJ

Ukraine’s war economy: Businesses cling as Russia destroys energy supplies Financial Times

Biden administration

Control of the house is still on a knife edge. Here’s how it can break. Politico


Trump prepares to launch 2024 bid to return to AFP

Super PAC appeared to encourage DeSantis to run for president Tampa Bay Times

GOP . clown car

Republicans blew up the Senate. Who is really to blame? slate

Watch Imperial Collapse

Only a fraction of U.S. military aircraft met FY21 mission-capable rate targets

Basateen Academy

class struggle

The pendulum of power swings to the employers, right? Take Crunch

They Want to Kill Libraries: The Last Place in America Where You’re a Person, Not a Customer Cory Doctorow, Medium

Inflation / supply chain

GoFreight raises $28M to become ‘Shopify for Drop Shipping’ TechCrunch

guillotine clock


Sue Futures – Fall of FTX and Everything Crypto Moon in Alabama (with a shout out to NC)

Ukraine partners with FTX and Everstake to launch new digital currency donation website Coindesk (Acacia)

The next session of Senate Banking Chairman Sherrod Brown should be on cryptocurrency and it should be titled “I told you silly that” and it should be Saul Omarova cursing the senators who opposed her nomination to the ECC because she wanted crypto regulation.

– Matt Stoller (@matthewstoller) November 13, 2022

Elizabeth Holmes asks the judge to be nice to Gizmodo

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