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The secret behind the stunning flowering in the world’s driest desert is invisible to the human eye Frontiers Science News

Artemis 1’s Orion capsule sends Earth’s first image home on its way to the moon

Early humans may have cooked fish as early as 780,000 years before the Smithsonian

Nouriel Roubini says more… Project Syndicate


Biden and Xi Liberate Cop27 Climate Restrictions to Formalize Talks Climate Home News. Big if true.

COP27: Lola promises to protect Amazon Le Monde

* * *

How the Hydrogen Revolution Can Help Save the Planet – And How Nature Can’t

The petrified bourgeois couch

How the meat industry is undermining the New Republican’s effective climate policy

* * *

Floods can be a disaster for humans — but for nature, it’s time for the conversation to blossom

NASA war games asteroid collision disaster and badly go hill


Will we ever get Omicron’d again? Atlantic Ocean

As global COVID cases rise, multiple viruses are stressing the health systems of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

Where the Gallatin Nursing Home Failed, and It Failed Many Times: What Could Have Led to a Major Coronavirus Outbreak NewsChannel5. Nashville, Tennessee.


Infographics: 20 new Chinese measures to improve CGTN’s response to COVID-19. Nothing I can find on airborne mitigations. This is not good news. Suspension:

a lot of information! The text of the press conference on improving and adjusting epidemic prevention and control measures Here is what China reads. Ditto, Ditto.

FOX commissioner says TikTok is China’s “digital fentanyl”.

Violent phobias linking Hindutva and Zionism 972


The United States blames Iran for Tuesday’s drone attack on the Eastern Pacific oil tanker Splash247

Dear Old Blighty

As the UK prepares for painful budget cuts, the mood is bleak The New York Times. Suspension:

Neither a learning disability nor Down syndrome is a reason not to resuscitate a patient, doctors warn The Times. Sorry.

‘They know who I am, they know what I do’ Arrested journalists speak out about new police law High School Times

European secession

Financial centres: Paris skips cash, London dislikes the Financial Times

Setback: Italian police bust an Azov-linked Nazi cell planning terrorist attacks on the Gray Zone. Suspension Across: the Atlantic in a few years:

A new cold war

How a story from a few Associated Press sources almost got off the wise, responsible World War III (Rev Kev).

Ukraine war: Poland says missile deaths an unfortunate accident BBC News “Dude, how many times do I have to tell you? Wipe the fake flags through the embassy!” Ha ha, just serious.

* * *

Cold and dark confusion grips Ukraine after Putin’s missile barrage by Politico

Relative Hegemony: Russian Naval Power in the Black Sea War is on the Rocks

For Western arms, the Ukraine war is a NYT test run. So we are using Ukraine just as the Nazis used Spain in the Spanish Civil War. Good to know! Meanwhile, he states the obvious:

* * *

Ukrainian Soldiers Declare a Massacre of Civilians in Kherson (Google Translate) v. SPIEGEL (Mikael T). creative.

Potentially sensitive content:

* * *

Talking to Russia is tempting and a wrong foreign policy

Putin said that banks “drink the blood of pensioners to the grave” (Google translation). The original (tip: Google translates this as expected when I set my VPN to RU). No wonder the West hates him.

Structural Adjustments, Then and Now: A Conversation with Miguel Ángel Contreras, Venezuelan Analysis

Guyana is the most exciting story in the global oil market (podcast) lot

Biden administration

Biden is tapping a federal administration expert to lead an IRS government executive


Sam Bankman-Fried tries to explain himself (Interview) Vox (Re Silc). SBF, PMC failed. From the text of the messages:

Both SBF’s parents are professors at Stanford Law School, so it’s surprising he doesn’t see how desperate he needs a lawyer to tell STFU; And they did not find it. Also, what on earth? Adderall?

Harry Potter-loving ex-girlfriend bragged to disgraced FTX founder about ‘regular amphetamine use’ on Twitter – which she says made her ‘appreciate how stupid a lot of normal non-therapeutic human experiences can be’ Daily Mail

Sam Bankman-Fried oversaw the collapse of FTX, and the fallout reached DC The Verge, The deck: “He had friends in high places — and they’re probably embarrassed now.”

Is effective altruism to blame for Sam Bankman-Fried? Eric Levitz, New York Magazine

Crypto investors are suing Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen and Larry David after the collapse of FTX NY Post (Re Silc).

Our famous free press

American adults under 30 trust information from social media as much as they do from national news outlets Pew Research Center

Journalistic responsibility fades when reporting on targeted nations from the United States Caitlin Johnston


Global shipping container pools are down for the first time in 14 years Hellenic Shipping News

Watch the imperial collapse

The Military Empire of the United States of America: A World Beyond War (RK) Visual Database.

class struggle

Silence from the Top: 48 Hours of Chaos Inside Amazon’s Mass Layoffs by Vox

A Farm Bureau survey shows that Thanksgiving dinner costs 20% more to Farm Bureau

Social democracy will not save us the black agenda report

Ten Marxist ideas that most people agree with Carl Biger

Draft: Talk about “big narrative” and “slacking toward utopia” Brad DeLong, Absorbing Reality

Antidote of the day: From a TAS Alert reader: “Kadee Belle, wire-haired dachshund. 15 pounds of personality!”

Additional Antidote: From an AL Alert reader, “Recent summer photo of goats on the roof of Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant in Sister Bay (Door County), Wisconsin”:

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