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Extensive illegal trade in turtle species occurs, despite the global protection of the canary bird

Recurrent expansions out of Africa of Helicobacter pylori driven by replacement of deleterious mutations Nature

Fading supply chain woes signal a bountiful season for WSJ holiday shoppers

Black Friday surprise: Jeff Bezos tells people not to buy cars, refrigerators, and other expensive items. Critics call him out. market surveillance. Things Amazon doesn’t sell?

Masayoshi Son owes $4.7 billion to SoftBank after FT’s technical defeat. There seems to be a lot of billions owed circulating these days.


The politics of adaptation to the ‘new normal’ of the behavioral world of the Anthropocene

Recommended reading: Nina Illingworth Collective Response

5 ways to tackle greenwashing, according to United Nations World Economic Forum experts


Wishin’ done at NDM Chris Jones, University of Iowa. NDM = “Not Des Moines.”


Not many Covid-19 boosters will be used this fall and here’s why WSJ


Foreigners Join the Chinese Speculative Markets Frenzy FT. Suspension:

China’s debt: ‘Land grabbing’ by local governments raises concerns amid slumping fiscal revenue in South China Morning Post

‘We’re not ready’: The threat of a Covid exit wave hinders the FT’s reopening in China. Unless China accepts and acts on the idea of ​​#CovidIsAirborne, it will never be ready. As I explained in the links yesterday, they don’t. (I love being wrong on this one; readers?) Presser:

Air transport is not mentioned.

Awful thread, but interesting argument (and sad post; the author loved his time in China, and still misses it):

“You’d be hard-pressed to find a problem in which outside opinion has any material impact on China beyond the short term.” The first step: “We have admitted that we are powerless to deal with China, that our empire has become unmanageable.” while:

Cambodia is quietly trying to distance itself from the China Asia Times. Swinging like bamboo (which hopefully the US is subtle enough to let them do).

Myanmar military junta releases Australian economist and former British envoy in mass amnesty, Reuters


The IAEA board resolution told Reuters that Iran should cooperate with the uranium investigation

American moves to protect the Saudi crown prince in the killing of an Associated Press journalist. Oh.

Dear Old Blighty

Great Society, Reheat Tribune

A new cold war

Ukraine will not ignite the nuclear stampede foreign affairs

Deep breaths: Article 5 will never be a switch for statecraft responsible for war

A missile fell on NATO territory. What’s Next? Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Interesting distortions.

John Mearsheimer on Putin’s Ambitions Nine Months After the War Isaac Chotiner, The New Yorker

* * *

How Ukraine blew up a major Russian NYT bridge. Some remaining unknowns: how the truck bomb was detonated, and whether the driver was a suicide bomber or a marker for the Ukrainian intelligence services. Big gaps for a story titled “How” begins….

‘We slingshot’ them: Ukraine’s ‘iron general’ shows his might in the Financial Times. Holiness Zaluzhnyi. Beat sweetener? Zalensky about exhausted?

* * *

3 were convicted in 2014 of shooting down a Malaysian airliner over Ukraine. Not to pass judgment on the verdict, but the whole story was spot on from the start.

Biden administration

The Biden administration is pressing the leveraged student debt bankruptcy

Democrats in negligence

Five takeaways as the Pelosi era ends


Psychopharmacology from FTX Crash Astral Codex Ten (Craig F).

Why didn’t the government stop the cryptocurrency scam? Matt Stoller, Paige

Crypto dominoes have fallen in the wake of the collapse of FTX company Axios


Hundreds of employees say no to being part of Elon Musk’s “too hardline” Twitter The Verge. But:

And the:

I view this dog as a mutually inducing moral panic of PMCs, both aimed at removing Twitter: Blue Checks, because the sudden inability to censor a platform on their political opponents offends their sensibilities (not to mention their allies in the intelligence community and the Democratic Party), and Twitter employees The censors themselves, to be fair, are labor aristocrats who probably think they can get lunches and massages elsewhere in Silicon Valley (but maybe not), and also want to prove themselves basic. (If they had a union, they would strike, but they don’t, so we have a moral panic.) At a higher level, what we’re seeing is an exercise in the authority of the private military company class. It lost the “public arena” function that Twitter still performs, such as hurricane warnings, as well as the accumulation of social capital by those without blue checks, who are not Silicon Valley engineers. All that said, moral panic is bullshit, and you can’t reverse-engineer truth with bullshit. So let’s wait. See the following link-

A slow and painful end to Twitter in the Atlantic. β€œThe three individuals I spoke with said that the World Cup is a major stress test for the platform under the best of circumstances, and requires careful coordination from the site reliability engineering team to ensure continuity of critical services.” So we have an inflection point coming.

User reports that there are issues with Twitter Down Detector. for future reference.

* * *

Ticketmaster cancels public sale of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour due to overwhelming CNN demand

Radicalize Swifties Slate

* * *

Here’s why Automaker’s subscription features are here to stay, even though you hate them to drive

Health Care

Trends in inequality in the prevalence of dementia in the US PNAS. The age-adjusted prevalence of dementia decreased from 12.2% in 2000 (95% CI, 11.7 to 12.7%) to 8.5% in 2016 (7.9 to 9.1%) in the population over 65 years of age, a statistically significant decrease of 3.7 percentage point, or 30.1%. “

Many children have been hospitalized due to a growing measles outbreak affecting 7 day care centers in Ohio

To beat Ebola in Uganda, fund what worked in Liberia Nature

Police condition monitoring

Handcuffs in the corridors: Hundreds of elementary school students arrested in American schools CBS

Sports office

Portugal is still all about Ronaldo, even when it’s not on the run

Inside One Media Company’s Digiday FIFA World Cup Monetization Strategy

Our dreams never came true. These guys helped build the World Cup in Qatar, and now they’re struggling to survive. CNN

Zeitgeist Watch

Race on the bottom above the surface of the water

Watch the imperial collapse

Russia, India, China, Iran: The Quartet That Really Matters Pepe Escobar, The Burning Platform

Beyond Blame Review Boston (NL).

How loneliness kills men. BBC Science Focus

Associations between cognitive function and marital status in the United States, South Africa, and Mexico, and population health in China

Stunning music murals in north carolina the honest medium

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