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Alert: ‘Brully Bear’ hybrids could be spreading across the Arctic as the planet warms.

The flocks of sheep act as a kind of ‘collective intelligence’ and elect temporary leaders to guide them as they fly the ZMES flag (Dr. Kevin)

What is the value of border waters? The counties and forest service differ from wilderness news (Chuck L)

NASA Webb catches a fiery hourglass in the shape of new NASA stars (Lyman Alpha Blob)

FBI And Air Force Agents Mysteriously Raid Home Of Man Who Runs Area 51 Gizmodo Blog

‘New’ Ground Weight Revealed for RT (Chuck L)

‘Anna Archive’ Opens Door to Z Library and Other Hacker Libraries Torrent Freak (Mark G)

Union Pacific Selfies Legacy Donation Movement – Leaving Cheyenne YouTube (Recreation). For train lovers.

Dengue virus found in Arizona Gizmodo (David L)

Our Earth, shaped by the Aeons of Life

Dirt on Elif Batwoman’s Pig Pen, Astra (Anthony L)

What makes us dance? It’s Really All About Bass NPR (David L)

Michael Wood A Cage Looking for a Bird: Kafka’s London Review of Books (Anthony L)

Michael Dirda on Why You Should Read Classics, Old, and Forgotten The Washington Post (Anthony L)



The Washington Post supports Republican-led witch hunt against WSWS scientists


The Chinese city of Guangzhou is struggling to rein in a record-breaking Covid outbreak Financial Times


The carbon dilemma: planning for emissions, as COP27 enters final week chart (resilc)

California releases comprehensive climate action plan to get carbon neutral (David L)

Experts explain slowing ocean currents PhysOrg (David L)

Vertical farming needs to grow more than a salad wire (resilc)


China’s new satellite search radar aims to blind the US Times

China leads the US in claiming the research crown at the Nikkei Global Chip Conference

There is no hope for improvement in relations between China and the United Kingdom if London continues to provoke the Beijing Global Times

Old blighty

High taxes appear to be here to stay, says IFSBBC (resilc)

UK opposition parties introduce amendments to delay deletion of 4,000 EU laws Guardian

A new cold war

> Ukraine. Military summary and analysis 11/18/2022 YouTube. 10 Russian soldiers surrounded by Orkin’s forces are urged by Ukraine to surrender. They did and then were shot in cold blood in videos released by Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry analyzed them, and they said the soldiers were shot in the back of the head. Russia promises punishment, including against Zelensky.

Why a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine war is gaining more and more elusive counterpunches. Resilc: “Vicky Nuland sez nooooooooooooooowayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

* * *

Ukraine says half of its energy system has been crippled by the Russian attacks, and Kyiv may “shut down” Reuters

Poland will not invite Ukraine to co-host an investigation into the missile strike DefenseNews. Kevin W: β€œBecause they saw what happened when Ukraine co-hosted MH17 Investigations?”

* * *

Trump’s Ex-Treasury Secretary Calls G7 Russian Oil Price Cap ‘The Most Ridiculous Idea I’ve Ever Heard’ CNBC

* * *

The New York Times, again. Andrei Martyanov. Part of the cover accounts to expose the “Russia is running out of missiles” story.

Is Biden selling advanced drones to Ukraine? intercept (resilc). Wowsers, a very captured piece. The United States is considering selling/supplying Gray Eagle drones. As Brian Berlitic explained, the official reason is that we fear Russia might take over one of them. The most likely reason, he says, is that it won’t perform well due to Russian signal jamming and other reasons. Turkish magic was not done by the Bayrakters.


Mohammed bin Salman: Saudi leader grants US immunity over Khashoggi killing BBC (RESILC)

Israel deploys remote-controlled automatic rifles in the West Bank Associated Press (David L)

Watch the imperial collapse

American Conservative Party in the Suez Canal (resilc)

A lit fuse James Howard Kunstler (Lee). On Ukraine and FTX. Usually making great phrases.

G20 is dead. Long live G20 Indian Punchline (Kevin W)

The Pentagon has no idea how much hardware it left behind in the Afghanistan mission and its purpose


Special counsel Jack Smith to oversee criminal investigations with the BBC’s Trump. Kevin W: “Former War Crimes Prosecutor?”

fmr. Bryce. Trump gives statement on appointment of Special Counsel C-SPAN

Trump posted classified satellite images to Twitter as head of National Public Radio

After 187 years, Congress considers Cherokee delegate for New Republic (resilc)


Anti-abortion groups are seeking to revoke the FDA’s approval of the abortion pill Politico

We no longer have a free press

15 Automakers Elon Musk Would Have Bought Instead Of Twitter Jalopnik (@resilc)

Elon Musk starts reinstating banned Twitter accounts, starting with Jordan Peterson and Babylon Bee The Verge (Li)

You can vote on whether to reinstate Trump on Twitter, but the poll will close soon, I believe as of Noon PST:

We’ll know in no time if musk is noisy or not. But he’s got enough bucks and profile in this that he pretty much has to make it work, even if it means redeploying a lot of programmers and code guides from Space X and Tesla.

Democrats’ trust and favorability of Twitter plummets after Musk takes control of Gizmodo (Kevin W). I like the new Twitter much better. In the things I’m tracking, the signal to noise ratio has improved.

Elon Musk’s chaotic reign has boosted Twitter and its smaller rivals, the Financial Times

However, this is not well thought out:

Inflation/supply chain

New Englanders fed up with high energy prices oil prices (resilc)


Pregnant Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has been sentenced to 11 years in federal prison for multimillion-dollar blood test fraud, Daily Mail (ME)

Bubbles aren’t just for stock markets Ian’s Blog (resilc)

The FTX boss has been accused of using outside funds after RT’s bankruptcy. The title is Bury Led. The SBF and others claim that Bahamas authorities made them move their post-crypto bankruptcy file to a Bahamas-controlled wallet.

Is effective altruism to blame for Sam Bankman-Fried? New York Magazine (Jules). There was a lot of upset in the comments on Water Cooler yesterday when IM Doc concluded that the FTX Foundation was the sole funder of a widely publicized dirty and unreliable study that found ivermectin to be ineffective. FTX has famously pledged 1% of its net fees to charity, via the FTX Foundation. The Bankman Fried family is part of the medical academic elite. There is usually no money for clinical trials of older drugs outside of patents. There has been a moral panic among the Biden administration and team Democrats over ivermectin, particularly over the potential for it to reduce vaccine intake. So this really isn’t any surprise.

After FTX, Cryptocurrency Exchanges Struggle to Convince Customers They’re Safe Bloomberg

The Justice Department said it is investigating Ticketmaster’s parent company The New York Times

How America’s Best Real Estate Agent Sells 16 Homes Every Day The Hustle (Resilc)

class struggle

Security guards at the World Cup Doha park claim they only charge 35p an hour Guardian (resilc)

60% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck as the 2022 holiday approaches CNBC (resilc)

The antidote to injustice. Robert H.: “Photo from friends watching birds near DC”

And bonus (Chuck L):

And a second bonus (Chuck L):

And last but not least (Gorst):

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