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Spending time in the woods or in the field: Investigations of stress perception and psychological well-being–a randomized crossover trial in environmental and public health research for highly sensitive persons. Conclusion: “Both staying in the forest and in the field improve emotional well-being measured using the POMS questionnaire. Overall CSP-14 scores and especially feelings of safety and vitality were better after staying in the forest compared to staying in the field. The severity of these is likely to be modified Effects by season and weather.

The Record from the Sea of ​​Cortez: John Steinbeck’s Forgotten Masterpiece on How to Think and the Art of Seeing Pattern Beyond Private Margin


The COP27 summit approved a landmark fund for climate-related “loss and damage,” but it does little to encourage rapid cuts to fossil fuel use, CNN. Waiting for the straw to make that sucking sound, I guess.

What was decided at the COP27 climate talks in Sharm El-Sheikh? Climate Change News

COP27: China’s climate envoy says he expects continued cooperation with the US

* * *

A leak in a Pennsylvania gas storage well spewing AP methane

in the LRB optical region. Coral reefs


The Different BQ.1.1 Story Eric Topol, Ground Facts. “This is the first time in a pandemic that a variant with clear and obvious immune evasion has not triggered a major new wave…. For more context, this is all happening with minimal mitigation, such as very low use of masks or avoidance of indoor gatherings. No less. In cold weather, as winter approaches.

SARS 10 years later: how are the survivors now? International news


The 87-year-old is the first death from Covid in China since the Shanghai wave with the outbreak, according to the South China Morning Post. One death address?

The Chinese government is reportedly helping the world’s largest iPhone maker fill a labor shortage by recruiting Communist Party members and war veterans.

US imports from China have fallen faster than waves of freight from other countries

The two Koreas

Walking in Seoul (Part 1) Chris Arnad walks around the world

Winning the Majority: A New American Deal with the South Quincy Global Institute for Good Governance

Is it time to abandon decolonization? African Arguments, Royal African Society

Dear Old Blighty

Rishi Sunak’s government is reportedly “considering a Swiss-style relationship with the EU,” The Independent. Fun ensues.

European secession

Italy’s controversial prime minister unleashes scathing diatribes saying immigration from Africa will stop if countries like France stop exploiting the continent’s valuable resources Daily Mail (BC).

Are we really prisoners of geography? guardian

A new cold war

The oldest version of this rumor I can find:

Another rumor:

Ukraine begins voluntary evacuation from Kherson: Deputy Prime Minister Al Jazeera

Ukraine fired the missile that hit Poland (VIDEO) Douglas MacGregor, YouTube. The headline is misleading, as MacGregor believes the shooting was accidental. But there is a lot of supporting material.

* * *

The West is “pushing” Kyiv towards the talks – former Russian President RT

The eurozone is moving away from the risk of a deep winter recession Financial Times

Ukraine – 15,000 miles Lifeline NYT. Railroad.

* * *

How (not) to interpret Russian political talk shows The Moscow Times. Note the source, but it’s an interesting topic. readers?

What It’s Like Inside the Penal Colony Brittney Grainer Sent to Russia by Vice (Re Silc).

Bolsonaro, the isolated Brazilian, suffers from a skin infection, “he can’t wear pants,” according to Agence France-Presse

Biden administration

The Consumer Protection Bureau union strives to improve wages and reduce wage gaps

High achievers

Colleges, former anti-abortion leader breached another Supreme Court New York Times


Jon Fetterman and Social Media: How His Campaign Built a Successful Teen Vogue Strategy. Nice explanation of hardness episode. I’ve been saying Fetterman’s social media director can write his own ticket; Now we’ll see. Now watch a bunch of Democrats try to replicate Fetterman’s success on social media without Fetterman’s “per county” strategy (which IMNSHO was the basis of it all). We’ll see about that, too. Strange, or not, that there is no coverage in majors like Politico, WaPo, The Times, WSJ….


Who is Jack Smith, the special counsel mentioned in CNN’s Trump Investigations? Didn’t the 1/6 Commission find out enough to just indict Garland?

Exclusive: Shocking voicemail, joint bank accounts, dodgy associates and whistleblowers: analyzes startling evidence as GOP targets Chairman Joe Biden – and could lead to potential impeachment DailyMail


The new FTX boss says the crypto group will either continue to reorganize or sell FT

A ‘Complete Company Controls Fail’: What Investors and Accountants Missed in FTX Audits Francine McKenna, CoinDesk

The ASX’s grip on the clearinghouse has been shaken by the Australian Financial Review’s blockchain debacle

Thread on support groups for FTX victims:

One praises resilience. however.

Cryptexodus: A playlist of crypto managers who’ve quit since the May Banking Dive

* * *

Sam Bankman-Fried vs. The Match King is a wealth of common sense. “The problem is that he wasn’t allocating capital well.” I thought this is what capitalists were supposed to do? See generally under “Silicon Valley”.

Trust and Justice, Joe Costello, Life in the 21st Century

While Crypto Bro deceived customers, reporters deceived FAIR readers

Reformed mediator Glamor

* * *

Bird brain exchange. E-scooters tank.


Elon Musk reinstated Trump’s Twitter account, The Hill. Dracula rose from the grave:

Twitter has been influential in the pandemic. Are we better than that? The New York Times

Big brother is watching you

Call Of Duty is a government Psyop: These documents prove they’re mint

Beware Psiphon, the CIA’s tech tool to help fuel PressTV’s global protests

Police condition monitoring

The rise and fall of a famous police dog, The Marshall Project

Our famous free press

No, New York Times, you don’t “deserve better” than Donald Trump (excerpt) Matt Taibbey, TK News. Judicial removal in response to this Times example of something everyone has. From the invisible bottom:

by “very little flats” [Times editor Dean] Paquet meant that his paper was not ready for Mueller to come out empty-handed because it ceased to be a news organization willing to embrace guilt or innocence or whatever the truth may be, and instead became a political process that rages on behalf of “our readers who want Donald Trump gone.” He openly staked out one particular outcome and ignored the other possibility, causing the paper to run one patently false or biased story after another.

These ranged from the infamous story “Repeated Contacts with Russian Intelligence” to the government’s transparent PR headline, “FBI Used Informant to Investigate Russia’s Campaign Ties, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims” to stories declaring the “Nunes Memo” about FBI wrongdoing that It’s just a partisan effort to “defend President Trump from Mr. Mueller’s investigation.” As revealed later in Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report, Nunes’ memo was correct in nearly all of its parts. However, the Times did not properly investigate that story or dozens of others, as it was and is now a political apparatus rather than a newspaper.

They also played dirty. They accused people of serious crimes without asking for comment, pulled people under public suspicion based on unexamined assertions from anonymous officials, and fixed errors belatedly if any. If new events punched holes in previous reports, they rarely dealt with them. This was all part of a new, unwritten rule, that coloring outside the lines is allowed, because Trump.

Repetitive but worth repeating. It’s as if the (dominant) PMCs, when they shocked class consciousness with Trump’s victory in 2016, declared an “extraordinary case”, right?

Zeitgeist Watch

History Made: Shane Tyrannosaurus Rex “In All Its Fierce Glory” Christie’s (JD). “On November 30, 2022, the first ever T. rex skeleton in Asia will appear as a highlight of the 20th Century/21st Century Art Evening Sale at Christie’s in Hong Kong.”

If you are not baroque:

Ron Rice obituary.

How the Humanities Lost Prestige Financial Times

class struggle

How Unions Work for the Economy Stephen Greenhouse, The Century Foundation

When your boss becomes your banking FT

antidote today (Across):

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