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Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has led to the worst media environment ever. We hope that readers will cooperate in mitigating the fog of war – the real fog and theater fog – in the comments. None of us need more encouragement and repetition of memes without association; There are platforms for that. Low-value, correlation-free boom boom waves will be hit.

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The claim: Scientists at CERN communicate with demonic entities and open a portal to Hell USA Today. good news!

The US economy is turning to slower growth as inflation affects consumers Wall Street Journal. The URL shows how the editors rewrote the headline: us-Employers-labour-Costs-inflation-q2-2022. Comment on “Transitions”:

The GDP report may have shown a decline, but it’s not a recession morning

Barry Rithholtz softening signs, the big picture.

The last days of the world of financial phenomenal sound


Drought threatens major rivers in US and Europe Maritime executive, Germany’s Rhine level drops again, ships only partially loaded Greek shipping news


Taiwanese exhibitions on China’s speech, thread:

Someone who knows Mandarin may have experience.

Controversy deepens over the role of the Wuhan wet market in triggering the National Geographic epidemic. Not a photo essay, a review.

Will nuclear-armed Taiwan deter China? Australian Strategic Policy Institute. As of 2020, Happy Idea is still very relevant!

the two Koreas

Minimum wage and how South Korea avoided floating the blue roof



COVID-19: It’s time to put people at the forefront of political visions. Australian Medical Association. An Australian visits New York:[T[t was striking how much more sophisticated their response was than ours” [bangs head on desk].

Three myths about COVID-19 – and the biggest challenge ahead for ABC Australia (KatieBird). “As an immunologist with four decades of antibody research under my belt, I always felt like I had a good handle on COVID-19. But when I contracted the virus in May, my arrogance quickly turned into humility. COVID-19 has left me with serious heart complications. They occur in 2 percent of infected people, with the risk not reduced by vaccination or previous infection.” Myths: “Myth #1: It’s just a cold now, let’s get it over with”; Myth #2: Full immunization stops infection. Myth #3: Vaccines for variants are the answer. Lots and lots of charts. Worth reading.

Hope, Denial and Covid-19 The Saturday Paper

Queensland records more than 18,000 cases of COVID-19 following the release of ABC Australia (Skippy).

* * *

Why are these two East Vancouver residents handing out thousands of N95 masks for free CBC (MR). Being Canadian, the two residents describe BC’s mask policy as “neglected.” What a “neglect” You know? Is that Dr. Bonnie Henry, the provincial health officer in British Columbia, is a malicious idiot.

Los Angeles County avoids new mask rule as COVID stabilizes Los Angeles Times. I think I’ve seen this movie before…

Life expectancy in Japan sees first decline in 10 years amid pandemic Japan Times

The pandemic is inspiring a new crop of farmers The Texas Observer. Being a farmer is not romantic at all.


America should have been able to deal with monkeypox by Catherine Wu, the Atlantic. Group: “Has COVID not taught us anything?”

Clinical features and new presentations of human monkeypox in the Central London Center during the 2022 outbreak: BMJ descriptive case series. n = 197. Conclusions: “These findings confirm the unprecedented community transmission of monkeypox virus among gay, bisexual and other MSM seen in the UK and many other non-endemic countries.” Samples are taken from HCID (High Consequences Infectious Diseases) centers in London. Horrific pictures.


Is Saudi open airspace really a big deal? Jerusalem Post analysis


West London faces a ban on building new homes as the power grid reaches capacity The Financial Times. Because of the data centers. There would be a lot of excess capacity if the City of London were diminished into a regional player.

Analysis from Italy: a political crisis no one wanted in Euro News

A new not cold war

Zelensky visits port as Ukraine prepares to ship grain AP

* * *

The ruble is rising and Putin is stronger than ever – our sanctions have backfired for Simon Jenkins, Guardian (KLG).

In fact, the Russian economy dictates foreign policy

* * *

Ukrainian billionaire Dmitriy Firtash: Putin will go further. What will Europe do next? F

Europe’s fight to stay united on the war in Ukraine Financial Times

Ukraine will not save the foreign affairs of democracy

London High Court rules against Venezuela’s Maduro in a billion-dollar gold battle for Reuters

Biden administration

Pelosi’s visit sets an unwinnable position in Taiwan’s foreign policy. Pelosi is 31.9% Asian. Of course, Asia is not like the Chinese. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that valuable Chinese donors have strong views on Taiwan policy, and were very anxious to share them with Pelosi. So, 冰淇淋 (if you translate it correctly).

The wisdom of undoing from the edge of Eunomia

Climate experts experience strange sensation after Mansion budget deal: optimism NPR

Joe Biden and the Disappearing Elephant: How to Make a Full-Size Scandal Fade in Front of an Audience of Millions Jonathan Turley. Dear fisherman. How is he doing?


Trump just told us his master plan, David Froome, The Atlantic. Deck: “If he enters next time, he will not be thrown out by any means.” seems legit. After all, we couldn’t even “displace” the Bush era A criminal of war Flack David Froome.


Tiger Global-backed Missfresh has stopped paying salaries due to the FT’s running out of cash. “An executive of employee-backed Tiger Global told in a hastily arranged call that the expected investment from the coal mining group had not materialised, and that it could not pay its backlog of June salaries.” So the PMCs in Shanghai grumbling about their inability to deliver food during the lockdowns were really grumbling about their inability to cash out meager handouts from the billionaires who funded the money-losing operations. Just like here. The “essential workers” are left holding the bag. Just like here. It’s a funny old world, as Maggie Thatcher once noted.

Cryptocurrency crash plunged the market into prolix and Patek Bloomberg

Web3 Habibi Helium has bragged about being a Lime customer for years. Lyme says that’s not true. Mashable

The right to never forget the withdrawal request. I haven’t yet found anyone saying “You have to use this Web3 app, it’s great.” I try to track down, even chance and scammers. Do any readers have a different experience?

Elon Musk Tesla’s new $10,000 home for sustainable living. Queen stories. Entertaining, because the AI ​​emanating from it needs some work. This is the only link I can find on Musk’s latest supposed project. The rest is on YouTube, Pinterest, and Reddit, and it’s completely organic. However, I am submitting this adjacent To “The Bezzle”, no in That, because today is my day to be kind.

Health Care

Strict measles and other vaccination rules for New York schoolchildren upheld by Reuters

Sports office

Hurry home early insulted. The Baltimore Orioles and the Economics of Baseball.

Zeitgeist Watch

“I’m Just Going to Hell’s Heart”: Interview with Alex Muir, Director of “Alex’s War”. Matt Taiba, TK News. You must read. Chris Arnady covered a similar area in dignity.

The Dirtbag returns to the Atlantic

The Realistic Lord of the Flies: The Disturbing Legacy of the Guardian Thieves Cave Experiment. But Middle Grove is just as important.

Why are there so many mass shootings in the US? foreign affairs

Watch Imperial Collapse

How did you start:

How are you:

Back in the day, I would occasionally peek at the Albanian Communist Party newspaper (very gray newsprint). I vividly remember the story of a victory about Albania…. Build a boat. The “renewal” of a single-track line from New York to Burlington reminds me of that in a way.

guillotine clock

Boston Consulting in dispute over ‘favoritism’ over work experience of children of senior FT . employees

Families with young children led the mass exodus from major cities during the COVID economic innovation cluster. The Atlantic Council adjacent EIG.

class struggle

In economics and democracy in the long run

Newsom 2024!

Is slang Australian rhyme in a bit of foam and bubble? Let’s take the Captain Cook (spoiler: billy covers might hold the key) conversation. useful to communicate clearly. any?

Today’s antidote (Across):


I’m very kind toward creatures in general, but when the groundhog threatened to invade – they didn’t – I was looking at potato guns.

See yesterday’s and Antidote du Jour links here.

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