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Since Eve went well with the regulars at Gonzalo Lira, he was asked to join another roundtable, Tuesday morning August 2, 9 a.m. ET, with Alexander Mercuris of The Doran and Brian Berletic of New Atlas. The topic is China and maybe some other hot spots. This could be a very direct discussion, because as you can see below, it is rumored that Pelosi will visit Taiwan on August 2, which will be right before this chat. You can watch it live or in your spare time on YouTube.

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See the data before you fall hard for this rally Bloomberg

An internal investigation finds that Deutsche Bank violated its own rules in enabling tax fraud

Can elites start the climate revolution? Adam Toze, Foreign Policy

When elites are most effective for their own good (Financial Times)


Smoke forecasts and red flag warnings, July 31, 2022 Wildfire Today. West Mississippi. A regular feature of WT. Helpful advice:

California does not count methane leaks from AP . idle wells

Mountains of garbage in South Asia that threaten climate Bloomberg

The UK warned the Guardian to act now on water or face emergency queues in the streets


SARS-CoV-2 develops shedding in medRxiv breath sprays (preprint). From the summary: “Here, we show that viral precipitation (measured by RNA transcripts) in exhaled aerosols was significantly greater during alpha, delta, and omicron infection compared to ancestral strains and variants not associated with increased transmissibility. The three highly transmissible variants developed independently. A high-discharge phenotype of viral aerosols, indicative of convergent evolution.”

Epidemiologists say regular mask-wearing likely helps Japan, Singapore and South Korea reduce Omicron’s daily deaths.

Tracking SARS-CoV-2 in rivers as a tool for macro-environmental epidemiological surveillance. From the summary: “Experimental and matching viral concentrations are closely related to reported cases of COVID-19; thus, the Arenales River in [sampling point] The AR-2 reflected the epidemiological situation of the city. This is the first study showing the dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 concentration in an urban river highly sensitive to wastewater and demonstrated that it can be used for SARS-CoV-2 surveillance to support health authorities.

Energy and Cost Associated with Ventilation of Office Buildings in Tropical Climate PLOS One. From the summary: “Overall, even in a tropical climate requiring high temperature, the energy cost associated with increasing aeration rate up to 25 l/s per capita is less than 1% of an office worker’s wages in an advanced economy such as that of Singapore. This result indicates That the benefits of increasing the rate of outdoor ventilation up to 25 l/sec per capita—which is suggested to increase productivity, prevalence of low sick building syndrome symptoms, and reduce sick leave—could be much greater than the additional cost of ventilation.”


Washington Post: Pelosi will come to Taiwan as soon as tomorrow night to meet with senior leaders of Apple Daily Taiwan (not Apple Daily Hong Kong, which is no longer there). Lots of speculation about ways Pelosi could have made an “unofficial visit.” Google Translate does a poor job; Here is the original.

Pelosi’s private plane to visit Asia has arrived in Singapore China Times. creative. “Pelosi and others are expected to visit Singapore on the first and second days, and French media have reported that she may travel from the Philippines to Taiwan on the fourth day.” I don’t know any French media. not France24; Not France media agency; Not Le Monde (at least as far as I can get before I hit an unpaid wall). Maybe readers can get rid of this?

Pelosi’s plane may land in Taiwan due to plane failure or refueling – TASS newspaper. The “newspaper” is the Global Times.

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China warns its military will not stand idly by if Pelosi visits Taiwan Reuters

With Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan looming, Menendez bill would ‘catch’ one-China policy in charge of state policy

How did Yukong move the Letterboxd Mountains

Supercharged biotech rice yields 40% more grain science

Editorial: Japanese government bears heavy responsibility for Mainichi’s inaction on coronavirus


Myanmar military junta extends emergency rule, citing need for stability Reuters

In a world of crisis, don’t forget the Myanmar diplomat. Meanwhile, impressive:


Tougher banking rules give crypto shops in Dubai new appeal Bloomberg

Two years later, the explosion of hope for justice in Beirut fades AP and part of the Port of Beirut silos, damaged in the explosion of 2020, and the collapse of The New Arab


Prince Charles accepted £1m from Osama bin Laden’s family – BBC report

How Labor Abandoned the Unherd Union

How the German economic machine broke the Wall Street Journal

The appointment of the Secretary General of the European Parliament shows that it is “one rule for them, one rule for us” Transparency International


Monkey pox is about to become a health failure next year. Scott Gottlieb, The New York Times. For some definition of “failure”.

New York City declares monkeypox a public health emergency AP

Monkeypox spreads rapidly. Now the kids are getting it, Bloomberg too. This is not supposed to be done by having sex with men who have sex with men.

‘Insufficient shots’: US faces ‘vaccine cliff’ over monkeypox WaPo

The Guardian has warned that efforts to curb the outbreak of monkeypox in the UK are insufficient

In Africa at least. Monkeypox is airborne:

A new not cold war

Donetsk is being cleared of Ukrainian mines banned under the Geneva Convention. PFM-1s (Petal Mine). Retweeted by Patrick Lancaster:

The war with Russia enters a new phase as Ukraine prepares for the WSJ Southern Counterstrike. Can. Planting seedlings in the area one intends to invade with landmines is an interesting approach.

“These are animals, not people”: Zelensky frees convicted pedophiles and torturers to reinforce the depleted army in the Gray Zone. More indications of the imminent victory of Ukraine, along with the evacuation of Donbass.

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The first ship carrying Ukrainian grain leaves the port of Odessa

West eases efforts to restrict Russian oil trade as inflation and energy risks soar Financial Times

Who lost Ukraine? Larry Kotlikoff, Economics Matters

Biden administration

Biden has a rebound for Covid after treatment with one course of Paxlovid Politico. We have the tools!

Police Status Monitor

The Atlanta Group is implicated in the Russian influence scheme Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Watch Imperial Collapse

United States Army vs. People’s Liberation Army:

guillotine clock

Investing in real estate as self-catering New York. The Show: “Many women seeking independence after a breakup or divorce have discovered emotional empowerment and even healing in real estate investing.” Most of the New York Times headlines are EVA. Heck, the most liberal title.

There are conga lines and huge crowds on K2 right now outside. second in the fresh air Waiting for that to happen.

class struggle

‘Send drivers to die’: UPS workers demand heat safety amid record temperatures NBC

The burgeoning American hemp industry is fertile ground for the expansion of the Guardian (Re Silc) guild.

Bill Russell, 11-time NBA champion, Boston Celtics legend and all-time great defending, has died on NBC. Suspension:

Bill Russell’s Lifelong Fight Against Racism Bill Russell, SLAM. From 2020, it is still relevant.

Star Trek member Nickel Nichols has passed away at the age of 89. Suspension:

Today’s antidote (Across):

See yesterday’s and Antidote du Jour links here.

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